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Chris & I gave it a shot Yesterday. Chocolate MILK!

& The sun was WAY TOO HOT!!! OMG we fried!

River Water was 2' higher & the Trib was mud.

AS USUAL, I caught the first 4 fish.lol

I think 3 smallies & a rockbass and then a 7" walleye. All on fatheads and slip sinker,,,( find a hole behind a rock,,, WAY UP.)

Drifted down, stopped 3-or4 times, Chris finally started catching channel cats, Like 3.

3 kayakers caught some small whites, a sauger, & a baby eye.

The 'Old-timer' Larry, at the dock was there again. He said he caught a big musky the day before, and a nice guy from Georgia, fishing in a Tracker, landed 4 stripers, 3 small & 1 went 5-6#,, a keeper. All out by the mouth,,,
casting Rap plugs.
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