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Hello Terry, guys,,,
Up above NC.
3 of us went to our favorite (Closer to home ) evening spot. BUT we got there way too late!
Shad, skippies, whites, everything was jumping and hitting the surface!
The other local guys were throwing white rubber in the white water and were landing white bass with just about every cast. Others were drifting gobs of worms and catching mostly 12" skippies. Seen 1 or 2 stripers/ wipers pulling lines up and down the white water. One of my local friends landed a 17" eye, the guy next to him landed one that looked to be over
25",,, they were floating WORMS!
Paul caught 2 keeper sauger & one baby eye.
Rick caught 1 keeper sauger, 2 baby eyes, one white and a skippy.
I landed ONE 12" SKIPPY! :(

All that was in one hour before dark, THEN NOTHING! :confused:
All the locals keep telling us to fish after dark,,, They said "IT REALLY TURNS ON, when the street lights come on!" :eek:
Ya Right,,,,CryOL, IF WE WERE ONLY THERE AT 5 instead of 8!!!

FYI hint,,, Don't pass up the 10'-20' wide feeder creeks,,, up to the first white water,,,,, & the little holes under the RR tracks/ bridges. ;)

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Sounds like you had one of those good evenings that come along once in awhile that makes it worth the effort. Great job!:D
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