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Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by freyedknot, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    div. of watercraft gave me a safety check sunday @east 72nd st. the boat i have now is on it's third season and equipped wih all new stuff. BUT the 12 ga. flares i baught with the flare gun expired in july 04. right in the middle of the season. they gave me a warning aso i didn't pass inspection. baught new flares the next day and they expire dec / 07. thats more like it. i use the boat to duck hunt so i need them to be good all year around .
  2. I just got inspected on Saturday as well. The officer asked the size of my boat and I knew that his next question was going to be about the fire extinguisher since any boat 16' and up requires a fire extinguisher. My boat is a copule of inches under 16' so legally I am not required to have one. But since I knew my boat had one I volunteered the information to the officer. He then asked me to see the unit. As I pulled it out I thought, "Oh no I have not checked the charge on this thing in a long time." As it turned out it was still just within the full range and everything was okay.:) I have had my boat for nearly two years and this was the first inspection that I have been through on it. I passed with flying colors.:) I had read all of the regulations and followed them but it made me feel better actually having them conduct the inspection and passing.

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    I always ask a office for an inspection at the begining of the season. Once I have that sticker they never mess with me on the water.
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    ncraft, I do that same thing every year. Gets it out of the way and also saves you from being inspected in the middle of a tournament!
  5. Can you guys tell me what all the regulations are? Or where I can look them up. I'd love to just have an inspection at the beginning of the year and get it out of the way. My boat is a cheater boat, just short of 16 fott. I had to buy a new marine extinguisher, since the charge on mine was low. What else do I have to have?

  6. horn or emergency whistle
    distress flag
    life jackets for every one on board
    float cushion or flotation device
    fire extinguisher
    Lights if night running

  7. Here you go Warpath. This is the checklist from the ODNR web site. As you will once you get to the site it is not quite as simple as Roadman mentioned. He probably covered most of the main items but depending on what type of watercraft you have some are not required.
  8. I guess I'm not as legal as I thought I was...............shhhhhh!!!! will fix that today or tomorrow.

  9. I like Ncraft and Dale's idea to have the inspect at the beginning of the season. For one thing like they said it gets it out of the way and after that all they do when they come by after that and see your they will do a quick scan for PFD's, lights, etc. They will not pull up to you and conduct a full inspection. The more important thing for me was that since it was my first inspection, I wanted to make sure that I did have everything in order for the safety factor. It gives me more peace of mind I guess.
  10. freyedknot

    freyedknot useless poster

    i too like to get inspected early ,because i always have more safety equipment than is required . being a duckhunter we tend to cary extra stuff.i never expected my flares to expire right in the middle of the season. watch what you buy ! a few years back i baught flare at wallyworld and they were already a year old . so i took them back.