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  1. I'm planning on tying up a batch of nymphs for the steelie season. I have a selection of TMC 3761's on hand, from sizes 10-14. I plan on tying Princes, Hare's ears, and pheasant tails mostly. Just wanted know what selection of hook(s) you guys use for those types of nymphs. Will the 3761 work for what I plan on doing or is there a better hook for the job?
  2. I typically use a variety of offset egg/caddis hooks for almost all my nymphs, the bigger gap and curved nature of the nymphs have alsways given my nymphs a mor erealistic approach as well as the ability to get a bigger piece of meat to hold onto when using small hooks for larger fish. Ive taken many 20" fish ( trout) on size 20 or smaller hooks, look at most midge patterns, they are almost always on a curved offset ( this is key) hook. I typically use whatever hooks the shop I am at has that are on sale or affordable, Mustads, Daiitchi and Orvis hooks seem to be the predominate ones I own though. All have held up well!

  3. 2488H Tiemco! thats all I use for trout and steelhead!
  4. Thanks, guys for your help.:G Would something like this fit the bill as well? (Daiichi): [​IMG]
  5. in sizes 14-18 the wire is to light in my opinion!
  6. i use eagle claw curved shanked nymph hooks. i tie alot of my flies and almost always use eagle claw. they can be used to tie hoppers, stone flies, nymphs, large foam insects. they are very strong and at 3.99 for 25 hooks it's a good bang for the buck. also if interested try out eagle claw Lazer red hooks! they look very nice on some patterns ive made. I dont really know if the red makes any differance i have caught fish with it and with out it. i can honestly say i have never straightened an eagle claw out. not saying it couldn't happen though with a monster!:B good luck and always remember to de-barb!!
  7. woops and salmon!!!