NY Smallies.....

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  1. As far as fishing goes for me NY has always blessed me. I talked my friend to leave the House @0330 to go fish for smallmouth on the Catt "Cattraugus Creek in NY" to get on the water at 0700 "first light on the GL "Great Lakes". is at 0530 with no cloud cover" I won’t name spots on her, but they where in great numbers now. They are starting to pair up and make their beds. We did not purposely target them on the beds. Clousers were the pattern of the day #2, 1/0 blended yellow / green, olive deer to mimic a emerald shiner or fat head minnow the main 2 food sources for the smallmouth at this time of year then later turning onto crawfish. Black over white also did her fair share of damage, and all these flies would be tied in a salt-water style “with a red throat to emulate a bait fish in distress with their gill plate flaring”. In Ohio the spawn has already come and gone, but due to the cooler waters / water quality on the Catt her smallmouth fishery is some thing to witness. My friend and I would bring about 45 smalljawz to hand together, and we would fish the shale ledges where the fish would wait in ambush. We would also blind cast across deep cuts, and the strikes would be jarring. We also saw juvenile Ospreys’. The rain would come late in the day, and the temperature would fall about 12 degrees, and the bite would slow down to nothing. The bite that stopped just made you think how fishing is supposed be. We had our 6wts which help quartering the water, and fishing pockets that you normally would not fish due to its tricky currents, and torrent eddies.
  2. Tom, New York indeed has a special fishery. I have
    always wanted to fish the Catt for steelhead. Did
    you fish the reservation and have to obtain a pass?
    Great report glad to see you got into them.