NW Ohio rivers

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  1. Any suggestions for rivers, streams ect. in the NW Ohio area that are good producers?

  2. ..hmm well producers of what?

  3. Well basically open to anything that swims...lol. haven't had much luck for the last few weeks with even a hit. Tried talking to the DNR but they didn't help any saying that no info was available about any of the streams or rivers.

  4. The weather should be turning the feed on for the fish fatting up B4 winter. There is probly a few steelhead that get out your way (if you live near the lake), and I'm sure no one here is going to tell you exactly where to go. I would become good friends with some local bait shops, and they would be probly more than helpfull! wheew your in the middle of no-whersville. Sorry, but your best bet in your quest for fish is limited to smallies, carp, LMB. The rivers in your neck of the woods are probly all dried up. Your best bet is to fish some farm ponds, and or farm lakes. :confused:
  5. The Maumee River from Orleans park on south is known for smallies. Try Bluegrass Island and Fort Meigs. There is a stray run of steelies, generally from ice out to early April. The Portage and the Sandusky Rivers are also worthy of exploration.
  6. I just mapquested McComb to see if any of many suggestions were close to you. There not:( , sorry. It looks like the Blanchard River is most accessible to you. The upper reaches of the Scioto River are in Hardin County. The Sandusky is directly east of you (Tiffin, Upper Sandusky)
  7. The Auglaize River, the Sandusky River, the Riley Creek, if you can roll cast. The Blanchard River and that is about it around here. Come up to the shop and we could give you some direction to go for the Riley.