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  1. How do you determine how will number your rod holders for trolling on Lake Erie? Is there a set way? Next question, what type of rod do you look for when wanting to run dipsys? Medium action, medium heavy or heavy? Cabelas has some pretty good prices on their series of rods starting at 29.99 but i don't want to purchase something that is not going to handle the dipsey divers.
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    There are some JBI Dipsy rods for sale in the classifieds section. I've used JBI rods for a couple seasons. They are a top quality rod. His price is a steal, to boot.

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    I think you could number your holders any way you can keep track of them...start on starboard with #1 closest to the helm and work your way around the boat from there.

    I use Okuma Classic 8'6 medium rods for my dipsies...had 9' Cabela dipsy rods but I didn't like them. Okuma's are $30 each...just bought two more Tuesday.
  4. Ron,

    Number the holders 1, 2, 3 (as many as you have holders on each side) from stern towards the bow. I have 3 tubes each side so each bank has a 1, 2, and a 3 sticker on it (2" mailbox lettering). Some guys number their rods, as well, to correspond with the proper holder with the correct dipsey. You can also number the rods with a colored (red or green) tape corresponding to the holder and side (port/stbd). Simplifies things when you are running 3 or 4 rods per side.

    Okuma and Shimano both make good 8' 0" or 8' 6" dipsey rods for less than $30/ea. Call Denny at Sportsman's Den in Vermilion and he will hook you up. My advise would be to buy 4, 6 (or however many you need) the exact same length/action rod.

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    I also run all the same rods. Diawa 8'6 Heartland T models. Unfortunately, the T is no longer available, only the S model, which isn't bad for the money. Some guys use a longer rod on their outside # 3 dipsy's, to increase the spread.

    Dock Time
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    Oh, and I used to # them all 0-9 on the rod holders. That accounts for 2 Triple Tite loks and a pair of twin downriggers.
  7. thanks for all the help. i will now get to numbering and looking for some poles.:D
  8. The maximum number we run on my boat is 3 each side. All we do is call out "inside", "middle" or "outside" (directed by the persons name) or Your Side, My Side. I have enough trouble remembering my name without burdening my mind with numbers.:rolleyes::D :)
  9. I too use the JBI Diver rods for dipsy's but in the 7 foot length. Those 8 footers for sale on here are really priced to sell and would serve you well.
  10. I sent a PM to bones. but haven't heard from him yet:confused: