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Nuisance Trapping

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by TIGHTLINER, Apr 29, 2005.

  1. A friend of the family is having trouble with a Beaver population that has took up residence on a feeder creek for the Mahoning River that runs through the middle of his farm property. The Beaver have built an excessively large dam across the creek, which has significantly raised the water level in the creek, and has caused it to spread across the hay field and is swelling into the neighbor’s driveway. He is trying to find out what his legal rights are and what the best method of eradicating the problem would be. Does anybody have the best contact information for the Ohio DNR for this particular situation and does anybody have any other suggests alongside of contacting the ODNR? Thanks in advance!
  2. Call The Dnr About It..they May Give U A Trappers No. To Call...if Not Since Its Private Property U Can Trap It Your Self

  3. I would guess that just like other nuisance permits that the DNR grants they will probably give you some leeway as to trapping them. I don't know what exactly but contacting your local DNR office or your local game warden should get you headed in the right direction. I would be interested to hear what they tell you.

    In the meantime if it is causing that much flooding he may want to go in and open the dam up a bit to alleviate some of the flooding. Probably the most that would do is get the beavers active in repairing the dam.
  4. The gentlemen called the ODNR (1-800-WILDLIFE) and after being transferred several time; he was connected to the voicemail of a licensed Nuisance Trapper in Portage County.
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    I hope they do something to help him out then! I would think he would be best off to have someone that he knows or you know come in and trap the critters......or get the gun out and pop them off when he see them........maybe not legal I don't know, but if it were my problem, I would do it!