Now I Need an Ignition Switch! Does it Ever End?

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by Spike, Jul 5, 2004.

  1. Anybody have the key switch to fit the controls on a 1971 Johnson 50? I just finally got the new steering cable on and the same day!!! The plastic housing of my ignition switch cracked and the switch is just rolling around inside the damn housing. Few more of these problems and it's back to shore fishing. Can't remember the bank ever falling apart on me, lol.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    I will need a key to fit it too. :D
  2. flathunter

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    Hey Spike, you need to get that boat back on the water..That way you can watch the Jugheads catch all the fish! :D

  3. My NAPA catalog shows two ignition switches for OMC's. I don't know if either one matches yours but its worth a try. Your local dealer should be able to get one also.

    You did know that a boat is a hole in the water that you throw money into didn't you?
  4. That reminds me, I need to build a battering ram and mount it to the front for the jugheads, lol. I got news for the jugheads, I will catch flatheads despite them!

    I had heard that about boats. Just got mine last spring, no troubles at all till this year. I will call napa tomorrow, thanks!
  5. mrfishohio

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    No ! :eek:
  6. I got my switch from napa. All is well again. I will be boating this weekend. Thanks everybody.:)
  7. DavidWS10

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    Jim, you hit that nail on the head. I'm headed to BPS this morning to pick up a new bilge pump. If the rain stays away today, I may actually get to work on my boat, instead of just buying stuff for it.
  8. Like airplanes, boats require continous maintenance, and the boat is by far the most maintenance prone. Think about it. Continous vibration, exposure to the elements, pounding the waves without the benifit of a cushion of air.
    I grease my trailer bearings every fourth trip, check the motor mounting bracket throughbolts, lower unit, battery tie down, boat running lights and trailer lights. If I notice anything questionable while using the boat I take care of it on the spot if possible or as soon as I get home.
    But....... true to form, something will pop up as is the norm with boats. :D
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    "Can't remember the bank ever falling apart on me"

    I guess you've never stepped on the wrong rock only to have it dissapear into the water and take you with it.
  10. DavidWS10

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    Sounds to me like NCraft150 has fished some of the same parts of the Great Miami River I've frequented.
  11. misfit

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    according to my wife....................................YES ;)
    i just ordered a new prop to replace the other new prop that i just wiped the blades off of :eek:
    just put it on in took the supplier 4 tries to get me the right one then,and now they can't get one to me for 2 weeks or so :mad:
    but that gave me the incentive to tear the transom apart and replace the wood,which i meant to do last year :rolleyes:
    the wife said(after calling me the usual not so nice things) this is THE last prop,so i told her next time i tear one up i'll just have to buy a new boat and motor.
    no,you don't want to know what she said then :eek:
  12. Doctor

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    UFM82 had a description using the word BOAT, don't remember what it was but will make you chuckle......Doc
  13. DavidWS10

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    If I've learned nothing else I have learned this about boats: A boat is a hole in the water into which, one pours money.
  14. I tell ya what, I had a fellow club member tell me that boat stands for............


    Seems about right.......unfortunately! Keep your head up. It does get better. You could be fishing from shore, and that's not nearly as fun.