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  1. The wife works with a guy who had an old basstracker that he wanted to sell, along with his other boat, so he could get a new toy. I hit 40 this year and had been raggin on her about buying a convertible, so she gets me this instead since I've talked about a boat for the last 20 yrs.

    Boat, trailer, 40 hp Merc, trolling motor, dual battery, 2 depth/fish units, live well and the other odds and ends. $2k for the package. Everyone I talk too says it sounds like a good deal and we should take it.

    Pick it up the other week and he reccomends taking it in for service as it stalls out on the high end. Not a problem since I would want someone to look at it regardless. Takes a week to find a shop to look at a 25 yr old set up, another week before it gets fit in.

    I try and take it out for a test run before hand and cannot get the motor to stay running. (uh oh)

    Get to Knox this morning(damned mapquest and the goofy directions) and they get it running right away. (whew) Damn thing smokes, rattles and jumps like a jumping bean on crack and set fire. Guy starts pulling things off and checking. Good compression and such but he can't figure out why it's jumping and firing weird. Does a few more things and figures out the top bearings, at the least, are shot. Somewhere along the line they didn't get the lubrication they needed.

    So he goes on to tell me how much it would be to pull the engine apart and refit it, which in their opinon and reality, it wouldn't be worth putting $1-1500 into a 25 yr old motor. So I have the option of running it and it may last a day, week, year or years, or die on me at the back end of Alum and leave me heading home with a lovely 28lb thrust trolling motor, which just wasn't an option for me. Or I can try to sell it to someone and make something back, or put on another motor.

    Sooo they have a '05 Merc 9.9 bigfoot that just came in used. With the 9.9 on it I can now fish Hoover, Knox and the others around me. On top of that I have a motor than will be reliable, quiet and get better fuel economy. So I bite the bullet(Visa) and go for it and BAM we double the cost of the boat.

    So now that I've told my tale of woe and the normal bout of regret sets in when I spend money like that on something besides my computers or comic books. The thing I'd like to ask is...........Did I make a mistake in getting that motor or should I have run the jumper motor til it dropped and hope I didn't get stuck out somewhere?

    Thanks for any input. It was you guys who got me to Knox where they were the only ones who would even work on the boat.
  2. Have zero regrets...good price overall to start- sounds like you did well on the 9.9 too. Your safe- sound- more environmentally friendly, with warranty and you expanded the number of bodies of water you can fish!!!

    Now upgrade the trolling motor and some new batts and a color GPS:D ;)

    Youll never stop spending...even if new~

    You did well- enjoy the time spent outdoors!!!!


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    And don't forget your Team OGF sticker for the new used rig.
  4. Agreed, Sounds like you got good deals on both and now you have something reliable. When you start second guessing yourself about equipment when you go out on the water you have problems. Being stranded is not fun. I think you made a good decision, now go use it!
  5. My first thought is that I would not want to pay him the price that he wanted for the boat AND the motor. He even knew himself that there was a problem with the motor so I believe I would try to come to an agreement on what the value of the boat itself is and tell him he can keep the motor. As far as what you bought in place of it I imagine you ended up with a great motor. Knox Marine will not steer you wrong.
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    I agree with BKR. Althoug Ohio is a 'buyer beware' state (it is assumed that motor vehicles are sold 'as is', with no implied warranty), I would talk to the guy. Show him the work order, or whatever Knox gave you showing that the motor he sold you along with the boat is pretty much a ticking time bomb.

    He might tell you to pound salt, he might give you some cash back. You never know until you ask.

    If you still have the bum motor, you could probably get a few bucks for it as a parts motor.
  7. Yep that was my other thought. It will not come close to paying for the new motor but every little bit helps.
  8. Run the 9.9 as a kicker beside the 40. If and when the 40 goes for good, get rid of it and switch to the 9.9 . At least that way you get some use out of it. It may last longer than you think, or it may go after one day.
  9. Thanks for the feedback, and re-assurances.

    Old motor is still attached to the boat at Knox. Not sure what will happen with it when she's said and done. Not sure I wanna haul it in the back of my lil suv imposter(sure miss the ole pickup at times).

    As for the guy. He'd likely cough up some of the money back, but the hard feelings that would likely be generated there just aren't worth it. My wife's job has enough pressures and politics (Critical Care nursing) that a disgruntled loud co-worker isn't worth the few hundred dollars I'd likely get back. Hell for all I know the problems were there when he bought it and he figured the motor just ran rough and loud due to age. Given the whole package I'm saying thats a fairly safe bet.

    The wife just woke up and I gave her all of the news and I'm not banished to the couch, so all is well :D

    Now the wait for the call so I can fish.
  10. Always remember one thing:


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    Welcome and join the crowd. All of us here throw way more money at our hobby than we should.:eek: Old saying never dies, A boat is a hole in the water that you throw your hard earned cash in! Enjoy!:D