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  1. Whats up with November gun ,bait and tackle shop. I ve called and cant get an answer . I showed up and they were closed in the middle of the afternoon on sat. Are they out of buissness or what?
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    ewngsth........Check for forums (Hard water discussions) 2-26-08 under Novembers......and you'll get some of the up dates and yes, they have gone out of business.............Jon Sr.

  3. Also posted for info in Hardwater Forum:
    I stopped in to wish them well on their last day last week. One big reason, they were leaving was the owner drove from his home in Newton Falls to Suffield every day. He told me some days, he wouldn't make gas money! Partial thanks to "Oilman" Bush for that situation! By the way, they are opening up a shop in downtown Newton Falls(it's a very small town so you can't miss it), and will be nearer to WB, Mosquito, or Milton. Should your fishing travels take you near that location, please stop there for bait-or just to chat.(They lost their checking station license in moving.)