Nov. 18th - 24th 2008

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  1. Will be hunting in Coshocton county. What type of activity do you guys predict during those dates? What period of the rut? Anxiously awaiting replys.
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    The time should be great. The lockdown period should be winding down and the mature bucks will be on the move looking for those last does to come into heat. This is the time period where I personally see the most mature deer. It seems the beginning of Nov. I only see 1.5's and then nothing for a week and then I will get a glimpse or two of bigger ones crossing fields this time of the month.

  3. We hunted Coshocton county last week (11/12-11/15) and I would say that it appeared to be the lockdown period. We were hunting public ground with all of the corn still intact so that greatly affected our results. We didn't see much movement at all until dusk-dawn times. We spotted a few mature bucks along the road that were moving in search of does. I know that based on our activity results I would say you could not do any worse this week than we did last week.:D

    The cold weather should have the deer up and much more active in the daytime than they were for us last week. We were dealing with temps in the 60's and then a downpour on Saturday. These temps in this week's forecast look great.

    Good luck!!
  4. Thanks for the encouraging info.
  5. I went out today in NW Coshocton County, snow and all. It was cold, windy but nice to finally be out in the woods. I saw two groups of 4 deer and I saw a small buck by himself. Most of the does I glassed from 200yds away were feeding heavily in the acorns located in areas protected from the wind (Low lying areas).
    I'm not completely sure what phase they were in, but i would guess from other hunters I've talked to, they should be locked down-or nearly out of it. I know last Tues-Friday was pretty hot for seeing bucks.