nother one bites the dust

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  1. Well I got mine last night..He's no popeand young deer but he'll do. He came in at 6:45 last night,I had him broadside at 12yds when I took the shot,I must have hit a twig on the way to him cause i was aiming behind his front shoulder and hit him in the hams. The out come was a 60yd blood trail that looked like it had been laid out with a bucket. I guess those Magnus Stingers did the job ,A complete pass thru both hams. Recovery was easy since he died in a powerline easment.

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  2. That is crazy. I did the same thing last year on a doe. I was shooting through an opening between 2 trees and the arrow must have brushed up against something and hit here right in the hams. It looked like somebody sprayed the woods with red paint. The deer died within 50/60 yards. Hit the femoral artery.
  3. Severing the femoral artery is as lethal as any shot...just not a location one would aim for.:D Congratulations on the nice buck and good fortune.
  4. COngrats. i killed a buck one year above the gut hitting the artery just under the backbone. rather be lucky than good!