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    fish4wall posted up, he didnt see a thing all morning.

    i saw a small 6'er and one doe... took a shot an wiffed it...

    birdman got busted by two monster bucks, saw a doe as well...

    we go to breakfast, then head to delaware to chase pheasants!

    later this evening..

    out of the blue a 10pt is standing 20yds to the left of me... i think he teleported because i didnt hear a peep from him as he walked 200yds through the woods to get to me. didnt even hear a leaf.

    i watched him walk to my left over towards two intersecting fence rows... knowing the land owner was posted up over there...

    10 minutes later

    thud - WHACK! crash boom bang!

    i creep down to where i hear the crashing booming and banging.

    here the buck is standing out in the bean stubble with his nose to the ground not moving.

    hear the land owners arrow hit a branch, and he ended up hitting the deer in the neck.

    as i inch closer the deer drops, i hook up with land owner and we are bs'ing for a good ten minutes 10 feet from the deer.

    next think you know, the deer stands up! acts like hes gonna charge, as i pull the trigger with a perfect heart shot, the spitfires do their job, the arrow flies 40yds out the other side and the deer drops right away!

    whew what a day!

    ps- note the 3rd antler growing in the picture... kind of odd!

    pics below:
  2. So this is the 2nd Buck you killeed this year, right?

  3. scott - that is so funny as that was my first thought also:!

    I would be careful and perhaps edit the way you typed that one up since ODNR is known to patrol these websites.

    Congrats to you & your buddy!
  4. littleking

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    i would not think of it that way and neither would the wildlife officer that i talked to.

    Frank did not re-cock his bow after shooting, I happened to have mine cocked.

    According to the wildlife officer that I spoke to at Oilers in Utica, what happened was out of safety... not to "poach".
  5. Good explanation King - if the deer was charging you guys, you had no choice.

    When stories are told in print on-line, they can easily be misinterpreted - good enough for me!
  6. What you say is all fine and dandy but how was a deer shot in self defense that was charging you shot sideways through the chest cavity? Reguardless of what the officer said you killed a second buck.

    "next think you know, the deer stands up! acts like hes gonna charge, as i pull the trigger with a perfect heart shot, the spitfires do their job, the arrow flies 40yds out the other side and the deer drops right away!"

    Even if your buddy shot it first, legally sounds like one charge for shooting a second buck, and another charge for having someone besides the person who killed it tagging it.
  7. Didn't you see the post "Man kills aggressive buck with hunting knife?"

    Where was your knife?
    jk :D
  8. Intersting story...great buck and thanks for sharing.
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    he was going to charge at the landowner who was standing in front of him... if you like to continue to give me grief about it, give me a call sometime and we can discuss over the phone.

    i am a completely ethical hunter, and by no means was this an attempt to harvest a second buck.
  10. Dude you killed a second buck no arguing that! Why would I call you on the phone? I was just pointing out how you broke some laws, ethically or not.
  11. Littleking, I dont disagree with what you did. There was recently a similar article in the Field & Stream magazine about two hunters 50 yards from eachother hunting with a bow. One of the guys noticed a cougar 10 yards behind his friend about to attack. He launched an arrow at the cougar and nailed it, saving his friends life. It is illegal to kill a cougar but the wildlife officer said it was not an offense as it was out of self defense. I know how frustrating it can be posting a story just to have it taken out of context by someone examining every word said just to have the whole story ruined. So, nice story.
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    ok Mr. Rosco P. Coltrane
  13. You have to realize that whether or not you think so, you did something questionable. It's a good thing the wildlife officer was so understanding. I can see where people are having issues with the story. I'm not saying you purposley or even attempted to go out and kill another buck. However this goes right along with the old argument of "Who tags it? The guy who shot first or the guy who brought it down?" You shooting and putting down the deer was no different than me shooting a deer, it surviving, and you shooting and killing the same deer a week later. Who tags it? Of course you. So why would this scenario be any different. Remember you posted pictures and the story where if you follow the law to the 'T', I guess one could say you killed two bucks. So when you take it upon yourself to post something as you did, you have to expect skeptics and or critics.
  14. No need to try and get personal dude! All I did was point out that you broke some wildlife laws good intentioned or not. You post everystep you take on the internet to pound your own drum but when a new hunter asked for help, a few weeks ago, you go off saying how it is rediculous that people ask for help insted of doing their own leg work. That to me showed your true colors! So pound your own drum all you wish but if someone makes a comment, do not expect it to be "YOUR MY HERO", everytime!
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    So someone stood there BSing for 10 minutes with their bowgun at the ready? So the time it took the deer to "charge" from 10 feet away, they were quicker on the draw and shot the moving deer point blank through the heart and saved the day? Wonder how long it takes to go from standing around BSing to picking up,shouldering and aiming a bowgun........compared to how long it takes a charging deer to move less than 10 feet? Whitetail deer can run up to 30 mph, but since he was injured maybe he was slower, but if he was slower because he was injured....then I guess it would not be "charging" more like stumbling? But if it were stumbling then one would guess someone would be able to step back out of the way. But then someone would not have such a wonderful story........
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    lol...getting better by the minute.

    papascott, i dont at all know you so i did not get personal. but i do wonder why your so eager to point out that i may have broken what you have interpurted to be gospel.

    again, i've cleared it with the local game warden so im not to worried. He agreed that it was the right thing to do.


    as i posted it acted like it was going to charge. sorry if my written account of what happend was not as clear as it should have been for the skeptics.

    bowgun? wtf is a bowgun?

    so lets get back to the point, congrats to my neighbor Frank! as he's missed several deer this year and was finally able to harvest one.
  17. Frank was able to wound one, you harvested another, when you put a perfect heart shot on it.
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    In the future if you are going to post kill photos online, available to the general public. Please post a better selection of pictures, many do not appreciate seeing such gruesome photos. Nothing like a picture of a beautiful deer covered in blood, laying in a pool of blood to cause bad feelings towards hunting and hunters.
  20. WOW, what is going on here? I really dont care nor should any other hunter care about what anti-hunters think of us. It is a realistic picture. This is getting rediculous.