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I netted 1 small skipjack and 2 small suckers at the ramp this morning. Motor fired up on first try at last. Headed down river at 08:00, bright sunny morning light breeze water around 80 degrees. No bites at first spot, so I tried drift fishing again. First pass no bites, second pass 2 rods got hung up on snags. Once I got the snags taken care of I headed back up rive at 10:40.
Second spot I had a gar run at 11:04 shad seasoned chicken breast. 11:20 I hooked a small blue cat on cut bait. It measured out at 17 inches, 4.5 pounds.
Third spot up river again had a bite that knocked of raw shrimp at 12:05. At 12:10 hard tap on chili seasoned chicken breast. I was just about ready to call it a day when I hooked a small channel cat. This one was also 17 inches but, on the thin side weighing on 2 .25 pounds.
I did call it a day right after that for this old guy can NOT handle the heat very well. Not skunked at least on this trip. Not sure when I will try again for it is going to be HOT the rest of this week.

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I also need to trade a 20 pound rubber coated fluke type anchor for a 12-15 pound anchor. Just too hard pull that up out of 40 ft of water for an old guy like me. Drop me a message if you are interested !
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