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Not only in April....

Discussion in 'OGF Comedy Corner' started by britt, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. britt


    A young boy had lost his first tooth. He put under his pillow as he was told. Lo, and behold, the next mornining there was a shiny new quarter awaiting him!
    He was so excited, as this was the first money he ever had. Walking thru the store with his mom-he kept playing with his quarter. He was holding it in his mouth when his mom patted him on the back and he swallowed it.
    The quarter lodged in his throat and he couldn't breath. He started to panic and turn blue. His mom screamed for help and a man came over to see what he could do. Looling the situation over, he reached out, grabbed the younq man by the crotch and squeezed. The quarter popped out and sailed thru the air.
    Everyone patted the man on the back and told him what a hero he was.
    The mother said that he must be a great doctor. The man replied that he wasn't in the medical profession. Whan asked what he did for a living, he told them that he worked for the IRS.