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    ok guys heres my dilema i am bringin home my new to me boat wednesday. the boat has a 115 johnson on it and i want to get in winterized but i dont feel comfortable doing it myself. what i want to know is how much is to much to pay for the service. i can do the basics like changing the lower unit lube, and satbilizing the fuel. but the whole engine fogging and the antifreeze deal actually intimidates me a lil bit. so i called the local guy and he said a 100 bucks for all. i called a place about 20 miles away and they told me 79.99. and thier guy is a certified envirude johnson tech. so i guess my question is is that unreasonable. both places are giving me identical service as far as what they are doing to the motor. oh yeah by the way i found out the guy that charges a hundred bucks isnt a certified tech at all . not that really bothers me because i know he knows what hes doing i just dont get why hes chargin 30 dollars more. anyway any help would be greatful.
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    man, dont waste your money paying someone to winterize an outboard. theres lots of info out there. just read some and go do it.