Norwalk Res. Pike Prospects

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  1. This year I really want to fish for Northerns. I hear that Norwalk is has a good population of toothy critters. I really have never fished specifically for Pike. I am looking for suggestions on the kind of equipment, and techniques to use. And possibly a little starter info on Norwalk (not looking or edging for any hot spots or honey holes - only friendly general pointers:) ).

    Thanks in advance
  2. i really dont care to sit and fish for pike but i have caught a few while bass fishing . anyway about norwalk... ive seen people throwing daredevil spoons right after ice out (i mean water temps still in the mid 30s) and alot of people float live chubs under a bobber around coves. with the chubs you'll catch more big bass and big cats than you'll catch pike. pm me if you need mre info

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    The quarries right around where you live in Fredricktown are full of big pike.You should also check out the Mohican River in the Brinkhaven area,or the swamps around Killbuck.All three of these spots are a much better choice than Norwalk.Techniques-standard old chub below a bobber.