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Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by ranger487, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. ranger487

    ranger487 OhioPro Lure

    Well between the NOAA and Norton things were pretty much the same I was wondering if 11 pds held up at Norton I didnt fish that one but went to the weight in. My feelings are that there were alout of great fisherman in those 2 days of tournaments we had 8 pds Sat. and it seems that you just had to get one good bite to cash a check there were know consistent patterns on the big fish and you could see that with the weights all comming in the same.
    Those big boys well have to come in soon.

    mark franko
  2. Hi Mark,

    It's amazing how many 12-14" fish were caught! Lots of limits and easy limits just no kicker fish. We did see a couple that would have helped and lost 2 decent ones. I'm not going to complain though, it was a fun day of fishing on Saturday! Mosquito is getting pounded right now with 2-4 tournies per week and it won't get any better till late May probably!

    We have a club tourney at Mosquito on Saturday!

  3. MAKtackle

    MAKtackle your REEL friend

    It held up! One good bite was needed and the Tillman team got it with a 5plus pounder. Big Bass money went elswhere though....