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  1. Hey everyone. I seem to always be asking for help or information on here. I intend to change that drastically this spring. I'll be more than happy to post everytime I go out and fish the walleye run and share any tips. But until then.....

    I am in some trouble here in Bowling Green. I have one semester left of school and am having some car trouble. I need to find an honest, affordable mechanic in the bowling green area. Please let me know if you know of one. I just spent 500 bucks on this car last week cause it died on me in cincinnati and now its actin up bad again. I know a fair ammount about cars, but this one is beyond me. Just lookin for a mechanic hookup here. Thanks.
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    I'm a auto tech but on the west side of Cleveland. Any questions you may have would be more than happy to try to help.

  3. Thanks!
    The car is a 1995 Ford Contour with a V-6, AT

    The car would not start when I was in cincinnati. It was dead cold. The mechanics said it was getting a bad spark and they did a "tuneup", replaced the plugs and wires and cleaned the intake.

    Car was fine for a week.

    Now it idles way up when i start it, goes down, and when i put it in drive it wants to idle at 400rpm and will die. It pulses and sputters. As long as im in the gas its ok. If i slow down or stop it wants to idle down and die.

    I have done a little research and it looks like there are a few sensors that might be the problem, but i dont really understand them. The car sounds bad out the tailpipe, im guessin because of the rough idle.
  4. Just a quick advertisement...
    Took the Car to SOCKMAN Automotive in Bowling Green. Very Very Honest....walked out for less than 40 bucks. He could have easily said there were more problems. Great mechanic, Honest, and takes the time to educate and inform. Would reccomend 100%!!!!!!
  5. thanks for the head up college kid, my daughter goes to Bowling Green and I'm sure we are going to need a repairman sometime in the future.
  6. What did he find wrong with the car ,we gotta know....