Northland Slurpies-How do you rig them?

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  1. I bought these the other day and I really like how they look. But how do you rig them with the hook that comes with them? If you hook it through the head and slide the hook in the body, it tears it. It also isn't wide enough to put the hook in from the back. Here's a picture of what I'm talking about.

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  2. I put mine in from the back. Tilt the hook end of the jig up about 45 deg and lubricate the jig head. It's a tight fit but it will go. Then push eye thru the top of the Slurpie head. A 60 deg eye bend would work much better than the 90 deg they come with. The larger size fit much looser and easier than the small ones.

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    Spit on the jig and put it in the body from behind, just like any other tube.:)
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    Bust out the Vaseline/KY, you'll get it in there!!
  5. So I need to carry KY with me now when I fish? I guess you need to come with me at all times now.
  6. I like the Slurpie tubes but the eyes fall off of them way too easy. I don't know why they even bother putting them on. If they don't come off while you are rigging them, they come off the first time they are used. Northland makes some real nice jigs and spoons, but you'd think they would have caught this and made a change before selling them. Other than that, they work great for crappie and walleye/saugeye.