Northern SnakeHeads and Giant Fish Specials on Nat Geo

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  1. Saw a special on Nat Geo a few days ago about the exotic and dangerous Snake-Head Fish getting into american water ways. Guess they have found snakeheads in Virginia, Maryland, california, the Carolinas, Arkansas, New York, florida and a few other states. I just pray it doesnt make it to Ohio waters. If you watched the special, you would know its just a matter of time before it does show up here in Ohio. Darn exotic pet owners!!!

    If you dont know what a snakehead is, check it out:

    it was a pretty good special.

    Also, this sunday at 8pm, theres a bunch of specials back to back about giant fish and the anglers who catch them. If you have time warner, its channel 68. National Geographic specials are pretty good. I like them, and thought I would pass this info along to any other couch potatoe like myself who likes misc fishing shows.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up, Billy. There's a lot of hype around the northern snakehead invasion. Here's something I posted at in response to a question regarding when I thought they'd reach Lake Erie:


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    those shows are all worth watching.
  4. yeah. my bad, the shows are called: HOOKED

    they are good specials about giant fish. both freshwater and salt water if my memory serves me right. Starts SUNDAY AT 8pm/Nat Geo
  5. These are pretty violent fish if you get bored do a search on Snakeheads feeding.

    On a positive note if you do catch one they are supposed to be good eating.

    I hope we dont get them in ohio.
  6. i just checked out a couple of those videos on those things are vicious...the one eats a 10 inch bass like its nothing...

    would love to hook up with one of thosee...
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    Personally I thought the special was horrible. It was almost like they were stressing how dangerous these fish were to humans, even going to far as interviewing people who had been attacked. All these people who were attacked we're from the snakeheads native lands. They simply arn't a threat to humans. Now... ecologically.... it's a whole different matter.
  8. I didn't see the program. It's hard for me to imagine northern snakehead putting much concerted effort into attacking people. Was it the northern snakehead or one of the other species guilty of the attacks? The northern is the only species likely to be viable in Ohio.
  9. nasty buggers arnt they i saw something on em not sure if it was the samething very interesting we dont need em here thats for sure!
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    Notherns obviously were the shows primary focus because of their ability to live in the US, but they also spoke about the giant snakehead too.
  11. what special did you watch? there was small side story about the native guy getting attacked at the beginning to introduce the fish for like three minutes. I don\'t think it was trying to say the snakehead attacks people on a regular basis. A snakehead probably draws blood as much as a normal ohio toothy critter (ski,pike,eyes)
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    I'm sure I watched the same special as all of you. I just thought they stressed how "dangerous" they were to make kind too hard, and not how dangerous they are to ecosystems where they arn't native.
  13. i can agree to that. they did spend a lil too much time on how two horrible horror movies were made about the incident in maryland... people get carried away

    btw HOOKED marathon, sunday at 8pm, Nat Geo