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Northern Pike lures?????

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by MAINAH, Jan 19, 2005.


    MAINAH Little Member

    This coming summer I'll be going to Canada and be fishing for northern pike. I was just looking for the best lure choices and ways to fish for them. I've never targeted them before and I want to be ready. My wifes uncle said I need a Johnsons silver minnow w/ a mister twister white splittail, or any Mepps lure in chartruese. I know someone in here will hook me up with the best info, someone always does. Thanks in advance.
  2. johnboy111711

    johnboy111711 SOLID MEAT

    i've heard that the BIG johnson spoons work great. are large stick baits like Rapalas and bombers...Lipless cranks should work too.

  3. Part of the answer depends on when you are going up to Canada. If you are headed up spring or early summer, you will probably have very good luck working the bays and weed choked areas. For this I like tossing spinnerbaits in white, or other bright colors. I prefer a single blade style because they will allow you to work it faster. This method is a lot of long distance casting on weedlines and other visible cover. Most times a fairly fast retrieve will do the trick. For this area a spoon will also do well. I have used the Johnson silver minnow among others. These spoons can allow you to be more creative by fluttering it on weedlines and slow jigging on deep edges.

    If you are headed up in the later summer months (Mid-July until water begins to cool down), then you may have a tough time locating the pike in the weeds and bays. Sometimes all you can find in there are the spikes at this time as well. During this time they will do a lot of roaming suspended over deep water. At this time many people prefer to troll and other than the near dawn and near dusk hours that may be your best bet. During first and last light however they will be in the weedlines feeding as well. For trolling you can use the silver minnow or you can go for various crankbaits (husky jerks, shad raps, etc.). When using the crankbaits I usually opt for more realistic color patterns and attempt to match the bait fish (perch, blue gill, shad, etc.).

    Good luck!

    By the way, you did not mention which area of Canada you would be in?
  4. ChugBug

    ChugBug ChugBug

    Spoons and spinner baits are always a good choice; however I would include some dive and rise jerk baits if I am fishing an area with cabbage. I have had good success with suicks and berts in firetiger and perch patterns. Go barbless on three treble hook lures to save time and body parts. :D
  5. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    I do a Pike/Walleye trip to Canada every year, sometimes two trips.

    My four most productive pike lures are as follows:

    Red Eyed Wobbler- it's a spoon with two red beads attached as eyes. Sometimes the addition of a white twister tail grub to the hook is the difference between fishing and catching. I always start without one, though. I like to troll these, but don't rule out casting.

    Spinnerbaits- Bright green, black, and white. Last year we were trolling these in 12' of water with 25 feet of line out, and were hammering the pike. I also like to cast these (beat the shoreline)

    Shad Raps- #7 and #9, natural shad color. I would rather troll these, but beating the shoreline with them is not out of the question. I have about ten of these from previous years that are almost chewed in half. They don't even swim right anymore, but I hold onto them for sentimental reasons. Some of them are torn to shreds.

    Mepps Musky Killer- Great bait for trolling and casting.
  6. An added piece of advice. If you are going to be tossing or trolling Musky Killers or other inline spinners, invest in some good ball bearing swivels or your line will become a mess. Some spoons depending on the design will do the same twist to your line. I also bought a few keel weights to run when trolling when you want to get them down a bit deeper.

    MAINAH Little Member

    The outfitter is Canadian Air Adventures, in Chapleau, Ontario. They are three hours drive north of Sault Ste Marie, MI. From there we take a float plane in to thier lodgeabout 45 min. northeast. The owners are giving us a great deal. $475 P/P and includes 3 meals a day plus use of boats and all the gas we need for 7 days. We are going the first week of July. Fishing all day.....Drinking all night.....cant wait.
  8. We go every year to a lake near Thessalon. You will probably go right by Thessalon on 17. In fact right at Thessalon is where 129 heads north to Chapleau. You will be about 2.5 hours north of where we go. It is beautiful country up there. I am sure you will have a great time. We were going to be up there about the same time this year but opted for the beginning of August. Don't forget to check back in and post the results of your trip. And drink a Molson for all of us.;)
  9. Don't forget titanium wire leaders. The titanium cost is far outweighed by the fact that they last and don't kink like steel piano wire or braided steel leaders.
    I have also had great luck using large twister tail (6" to 8") soft plastic in chartreuse when all else failed. Only problem is you will need quite a few as the pike chew them up quite easily. :(
  10. Pike


    I fish an area near Sault Ste Marie a couple times a year for pike and walleye, all the other suggestions are good ones. I would also include some rattle traps in your arsenal of lures. Different colors and sizes. I like both the 3/4 and 1 ounce sizes, silver blue, silver black, crayfish, pearch, and fire tiger patterns. Good luck and have fun.
  11. I have actually never tried the Ratl Traps on the pike up there. I think I will give them a try this year...especially since I have an arsenal of them in my tackle box dying to come out and play.:D
  12. Mepps inline spinners size 5 in white/silver, black/red, gold/brown. I would agree than musky killers are great too, but a #4 is only $4 and a killer is at least $7 when you lose them often in rock/logs/weeds

    Spinner bait - as previously stated weed or reed lines and also casting in solid slop in early summer. need titanium wire or patience to straighten mangled lures

    husky jerk hj-12 or 14 for trolling, floaters for slow retrieve when surface action occurs or shallow trolling (weed edges)

    Williams wobbler spoon 1/2 oz or 3/4 oz silver or gold hammered.....must be the flip flop action than drives pike where near as much action on dare devils or johnson spoons......but i dodn't give johnson spoons much time since spinnerbaits were so successful in weed conditions

    I'm going to try large 4-6" twistertails or fish shaped soft stuff for speedy jigging....

    bring spares of everything as the lure that works will come in short supply thanks to weeds/reeds/rocks/trees/fish/line breaks/submerged logs/oops overboard1
  13. MAINAH

    MAINAH Little Member

    As it stands right now there are 14 people going, and the outfiftter said if we get 12 or more he would fly our beverages (BEER) in for free and not count it twards our weight limit. So yes I will drink a few Molsons and toast all of you. I will be bringing a digital camera so I can post some pics. But even if I dont catch a single fish all's better than a week at work. Thanks for all the input, looks like I need to do some shopping. I think this is a good time (excuse) to buy a new rod & reel too.