Northern Pike @ G.R. Dam

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  1. I've been doing a bit of research online and I stumbled upon an article that said you can catch Northern Pike in @ the dam in G.R. just after ice-off (some time in February). I have been verry interested. The site mentioned live bait, but fishing this area is new to me. If any one could lend me a hand by letting me know where to fish and what kind of presentation I should be using I'd be soooo greatful. Good Luck Everyone!!!! Thanks
  2. Its true pike can be caught at and/or near the damn after ice-out, but I've got to tell you we have tried on several occasions with no luck. The places I'd always heard to go off the damn were on the town of Grand Rapids side. If you park near the ice cream shop on the river in town, there is a pond/pool area at the end of the canal. There is a spillover that drains the pond off with maybe a 50 yard channel that empties into the river. The mouth of that channel supposedly holds pike. If you head northeast from town along the river about a mile, you'll come to Beaver Creek. Its fairly large and hard to miss, with a bridge over it. You'll have to park along the road. Again the mouth is the best place. There is very little fishing access, but you can get down next to/underneath the bridge. The current will take your bait out to the mouth. Larger creek chubs under a float are the bait of choice, but larger spinners may work as well. Good luck finding the chubs. Again, we've had no luck, but I know they've been caught.

  3. Thanks for the advice. If I have a day off and nothing else to do I might still give it a shot. I know the large chubs are going to be hard to find but I have a few rosources I can try. Thanks again.
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    A couple things that might help you...

    When you first click on the NW Ohio forum, there is a search forum tool. Try typing grand rapids pike, or just pike, northern pike, ice out pike, etc etc... I just did that and saw many threads that might be of interest to you.

    Living in P Burg you should not have any problem with chubs/suckers for fishing. Not sure about Bass Pro but I know I've bought them in Dundee at Cabelas. Not that bad of a drive from your location.

  5. all good advise. The canal is your best bet. Used to catch alot of Pike there years ago. When they are in there, it's elbow to elbow. Haven't done that in around 10 years or so. Be careful at Beaver Creek. A few of us can still go there because we know the lady that owns it, and helped free her dog from a leg hold trap years ago. But, she does run alot of people out of there, afterall, it is all private. Turkeyfoot creek also has pike.
  6. Unfortunately, BPS has no minnows.:(