Northern california??

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  1. I was curious if anyone has had any experience in north cal. I'm moving out there for a while and it looks like some good steelheading but I always like to hear some first hand experience. any streams, areas, general tactics ect. that people like??

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    Best of luck dude, we will miss you around the shop. You are good man. as Tom said, very happy for you, this is a chance of life time make the best of it. I have a feeling it won't take you long to find the fish. S
  3. What part?? I have fished the Sac, the Feather,( boh have steelhead/salmon runs) Trinity,the area around Mt Shasta a bit, all pretty cool water, if your in that region, let me know, I have fished several sweet rivers across the border in Ore. They are worthy of a day trip or two, ( Matolious, Williamson, Deschutes, Umpqua- Fished them all)

    PS how did the trip down south go??

  4. Wel lthe transcontinental traveler is going through Amarillo, Tx now. Hes making good time "you would be too if we could fish the waters he going to be around for almost a year"!
  5. I am moving to the area just north of mt shasta, working on the klamath. so I plan on the upper sac and all the shasta streams, and I hope to hit a few of the steelhead rivers, the smith sounds pretty cool. you mentioned the metolius, I will be make several trips there, man that looks like a neat river.

    ps the trip down south was awesome, didnt slay them but got two over 20in and caught some of the toughest fish I will ever cast to(though I got alot of refusals). mostly dries too, bwo's, sulfurs, and blackflies.