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  1. Went out to the north scioto region with my buddy fishintechnician aka Roland Anson. Started at 5 am, bite didnt start till 6. Managed to slay 8 keeper white crappie. Smallest at 10 inches, largest at a fat 12 inches.
    All were caught on a slip bobber minnie combination willy. By 8:00 am the bite had cooled. To end the morning, Roland Ansons buddy caught a nice estimated 5-6 pound Channel. Not the most productive day on the scioto. But its always fun to get out with friends for an early am fish on jones

    Here\'s some pics of our fish:
    The channel:
    The 4 smallest Crappies:
    Two Largest:
    All 8:
    Richard Nixon:
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    Nice fish dirty dick.

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  4. just a question about crappies. Ive never really fished for them much before that day. Previous Ive only caught black crappie and they fought hard. White Crappie seemed to just roll to their sides, and let you reel them in. No real fight. Also, they didnt hit the bait hard at all. All fish i caught was when my bobber would role to the side, none took the bobber under. then i would set the hook and fish on jones. Are black crappie more aggressive than White?
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    Black crappie are typically a bit more fiesty as far as fighting. This time of year crappie rarely seem to hit hard. Most often its a small tap. They definitely do not grab and run. If you're used to fishing the spawn, later season crappie is a bit different.
  6. thanks a lot for the answer. I dont target crappie much, but I think in the spring next year Im going to have to hit them hard. As you said, not many runs. A couple ran a lil with it, but not much. Atleast non of my fish did
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    yeah was a bit slow but still fun to bad i missed that cat seems to be a pretty nice one crappie feed from the bottom as there eyes are on the top of there head so they will come up from under your bait picking it up from underneath why your bobber lays on it's side. don't worry though i'll get you back out this fall when the bite picks back up
  8. was still a great time fishing that river. I look forward to the next time we head out. just give me a heads up a week or two in advance and Ill be there. I dont fish for crappie at all. So thanks for the heads up. I know on my first fish, I didnt even know i had a fish. im pretty clueless
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    Man, you are speaking to me tonight - I hear you! Especially about the crappie eyes - that's why I keep coming back to this site. I learn a ton! I never even thought about that but seen it hundreds of times... I best keep my rig at least a little off the bottom so the crappies can munch from below. I usually get :S on the crappie s- not anymore...
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    james, i love crappie. when crappie fishing it is best to start simple. i would recommend a medium sized gold hook, a split shot about 6-8 in above the hook and then a small bobber above the split shot. i use gold hooks because when you are fishing for crappie 9 times out of 10 you will find them around some type of structure and if you get hung up the hook will bend and come free rather than breaking your line. and i also stress as small a bobber as possible for the condition. crappie can be finiky. if they take your bait and feel alot of resistance from a large bobber they may drop that minnow. use a weight to size combo that allows as little resistance as possible. next try different depths i like to strat out about 1-2 deep. if i do not catch any fish within 30 min i will go another foot deeper and will repeat until i find where they are hitting at. i have gone in to hole imediatley after some one else was fishin it and catch fish when they were not simply by varieing my depth. if you do not catch any fish by the time you have gotten to within a foot of the bottom i would move or if you have been at a spot for longer than an hour or two and have not caught any thing again move, because they are not there or they are not feeding. also don't be affraid to move if you are only catching some strays here and there or if you are catching a bunch of smaller fish as crappie tend to like to school by size.

    now lets talk about structure. any place that can provide shelter for bait fish will attract crappie because the crappie will follow the food. this can be anything and i mean anything. it can be things you cant even see, such as a drop from say 8 fow to 16 fow and they will suspend right on that drop off. or it can be a brush pile or rock pile even weed lines are a good place to look. also anything that is a natural barier especially in rivers such as low head dams,bottle necks and even slack water off of ripples can hold fish. and don't over look something that looks to small to you. you would be suprised at how many fish you can catch off of something that looks like a twig in the water.

    if you start out simple with minnow and bobber and look for cover that you think may hold fish then you should be able to put some fish in the boat. once you get a generally understanding of crappie behavior and where/what they like to eat then start to experimnet more with jigs and twisters or even verticall jigging for them. also small cranks and spinners can be productive.
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    that is great advice FT. I am tempted to go get me some minnies! Though I probably need to figure out how to use a slip bobber first. I've got a ton that I found but need to get some bobber stops. Do you have much success running artificials (crappie jigs, small twisters, etc) below a bobber?
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    You can just tie a surgeon's loop above the bobber at the depth you want the minnow to be. It will stop the bobber and you can just pull on both ends of the line and the loop will come out if you want to change it to a greater depth. It probably only works with at least 6-8 lb mono as the diameter of the knot has to be greater than the hole in the top of the slip bobber. Check and see if the loop is still there after you get a good fish or a snag because the tension may pull it out. It works.
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    pizza i only use a bobber with my artificlials if a) the crappie are suspended or B) if i want to slow my presentation way down. and i only use slip bobbers if i am fishing over 6 ft deep other wise i use just a clip on bobber. also if i do use a bobber and say jig i will usually tip it with a minnow. i use just a jig head a minnie sometimes bounceing it slowly off the bottom