north scioto 8-24

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Aug 25, 2008.

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    hit one of my holes yesterday evening and it was pretty slow only got to fish for a bou three hours but it started to pick up towards the end. spent the first hour sitting and waiting then the bobber is gone, ended up being about a 15 in smallie. Then my buddie got about a 28 in pike and while he was unhooking i got about a 25 in pike. where the only two of the day but i finished off with five big crappie all in the 13-14 in range. was a pretty slow start but ended good all fish where caaught on bass minnies fished about 2 foot down, fishing weed edge in 4 fow and rock flat adjacent to 6-8ft hole seemed like they started to move on to the flats in the late afternoon and the bite got stronger later in the day
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    You sure you weren't alseep when all this happend?

  3. Good stuff! Got to love getting into the toothy critters ;)
  4. looks like Roland Martin or Roland Anson as I call him is back at it again. nice report bro
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    no rest for the wicked perchy. lol bite has been getting better and better it seems can't wait for the fall bite to take full hold then it will be on. get ready for some fish this weekend billy. the water might be up alittle if we get the rain they are calling for but it will be all good i can feel it in my bones
  6. im pumped. im officially losing sleep over it
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    wow now that i've built it up i hope we catch some fish
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    just checked the weather report said it might rain friday night but sat was supposed to be partly cloud w/high near 80 with the clouds left over from the rain the crappie should still be up in shallow feeding and if we do get substantial rain which i doubt they will move up in whats flooded and put the ol'feed bag on. we should catch some fish. and the pike should still be haging out too. last time though they seemed to be a little more scattered than haging tight. we'll see when we get there like i said i'll pick up some bait fri night and will be waiting for ya