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  1. There is a good looking pond that can be seen from lorain road looking north as you drive over the railroad tracks. It is almost directly north of the auto-rama drive-in. Does anybody know anything about it? Can you fish it?
    is it worth it?
  2. If this is the pond I think you are talking about . I fished that pond when I was 15 and I'm 43 now. W:eek:W! 28 years ago! There were allot of nice bass in it back then. I bet they're monsters if still there. There was allot of bull frogs also. We would go giggin at night and the N.Ridgeville cops would come down and check us out. They were like wow at all the bull frogs we would have and then be on there way. lol Never was sure who owned it? Thought it was the states sence it was dug for the dirt to build 480/10/Turnpike.

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    I drive by that pond every day on my way to work. I think the only problem you might have is gaining access. Most of the borrow ponds around were claimed by nearby homeowners and fenced off.
  4. yeah thats what i figured. I think i'm just gonna take my kid and find a way in,throw a few lures and see if there are any consequences.
  5. let me know how you do (if coast is clear) I might need to tryi t out lol
  6. I fished and hunted that area 25+ years ago with my friend that lived across from the drive in. You may want to go to one of the houses there and ask them about the pond.
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    we fished it once we threw mabye 5 casts and some guy came out screaming at us and said he was going to call the cops we got outta there fast