north reservoir

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  1. going to hit north reservoir on friday morning with my dad for some bass. any tips on what they have been hitting lately thanks . i will report back
  2. Go to Portage or Long instead!

  3. thanks maybe i can talk him into long lake
  4. You can catch a ton of fish at North but you'll go through a bunch of 10"-13" fish before you land a decent one.

    You'll average a 2lb fish at Long. Lot's of things work'in right now shallow and deep. Whatever trips your trigger ought to work.
  5. JunkBass

    JunkBass located in Wadsworth

    Where do you launch at Long Lake? I'm not familiar with that lake?


  6. you can launch on cove rd. thats off of manchester rd just passed the auto zone. or if you buy somethin at T.s long lake bait you can launch there.
  7. well we did great at north today. my dad got 8 bass to being 3lbs. i got 5 with biggest being 2.5lbs. my nephew got 2 all bass. and all were caught on a 7 inch purple power worm close to cover . fished from 9:30 am until 2:00 pm