North Reservoir and Long Lake help

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  1. Hi All,

    Are North Reservoir and Long Lake in the Portage Lake area public lakes with public access? From maps I've seen it looks like the North Reservoir has a ramp on State Mill Rd. Maybe one on Cove Rd that will get me into Long Lake? I've fished the Turkey Foot group and am wondering if Long and North have less boat traffic and fishing pressure.

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    Yep, You have a nice launch on North on State Mill and an unimproved one at Long On Cove Rd. I'd choose Long over North.
    Both are idle only.

  3. If your boat is low enough, slip under the small bridge (state mill rd) and give Hower lake a try. Since it includes a pond that was there before the flooding to make the lakes, you will find water nearly ten feet deeper than anything on North. Watch out for the big spiders when going under the bridge. Depth stays rather shallow until the lake opens up, then drops from 6' to almost 30'.

    The limited access keeps the bigger boats out and fishes real well during years when they don't chemically treat for weeds. North is primarily a 10-12' deep lake with a few small areas a bit deeper. Long provides a bit more interest due to some very good depth and shallower structure near the depth. It normally has better weeds than any of the other portage lakes.
  4. One thing about Long Lake. Lot of times will be a bass tournament on Sunday mornings. If so, you most likely will not be able to park at the ramp on Cove.
  5. if you buy somethin from T's long lake bait and tackle you can put your boat in at his ramp. its not a great ramp but it works if you dont have a huge boat. and i would say both lakes north and long arent fished nearly as hard as the other portage lakes.
  6. Thanks all. Have a small flat boat. Should be no problem to launch at any of those ramps then, and I should be able to get under the bridge.