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North Reservior

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Big Daddy, Dec 23, 2007.

  1. Not a fishing report, but yesterday (Saturday) I was running some errands and when I drove by North, I saw two bald eagles having lunch out on the skim ice. Really cool to see.
  2. They are inspiring to see. Two weeks ago I was driving thru Chardon and looked up to see a mature Bald Eagle 30 feet above me on Auburn Rd. He was going the same direction and stayed there for about 30 seconds. Ironically that Tim Mcgraw song "I'm already home" was on the radio also. I almost lost it there. God Bless America. To all the troops out there away from their family's. Thanks for everything......... your in our thoughts,prayers and greatly appreciated.

  3. ncraft150

    ncraft150 Buckeye-Basser

    I had one of them swoop down in front of my boat last year at Portage and grab a fish. He then proceeded to land in a tree and have lunch. It was one of the coolest things in nature Ive ever seen.
  4. sew them at salt fork this summer...was very cool to say the least!!!
  5. I started seeing them on LaDue about 6-7 years ago, and I've seen quite a few since. It sures is great to see them returing to this area in such #'s...what a cool bird.:cool:
  6. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    They been at LaDue, Brecksville Reservation and I think Mosquito for a few years but Big Daddy's report is the first I've heard of them at Portage Lakes. That's great, I'd like to finally see one live.
  7. Are you guys positively sure it's not osprey you've seen around Portage Lakes, especially North Res.?
    Not saying anyone is wrong but they are easily mistaken and I haven't heard of any reports of bald eagles around the Lakes yet (I'd love to see it though!).
  8. Saw one just south of bolivar just past the scales on east side of 77 Christmas eve day.My 6 year old doesnt know how lucky he is to see something like that. It took 33 years till I saw my 1st in nature.
  9. I've seen an eagle 3 separate times at Nimisila. One at Turkeyfoot, well, Mud Lake actually... This was the first time EVER at North. I've seen the ospreys at North, and Long, and East, all over PL's... Hopefully, I'll see them again but when I have my camera! :D
  10. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    The eagles are deffinitely making a good comeback in NE Ohio.I live on Lake Rockwell and I see at least 1 almost every day, premies and mature.One day last summer I had 5 fly over the house at 1 time(all mature).Thought they were after my dogs & cats for a minute.Again,I was talking to a customer in the driveway this past summer and had a mature eagle fly up the hill towards the house from the lake.Darn thing flew less than 5 feet over our heads, scared the crap out of him.........Mark
  11. There was a pair of eagles nesting at nimisila last spring.
  12. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    If you are referring to the man-made nesting box on the island by Eddie's, those were ospreys.
    If not, where abouts was the nest on the lake?
  13. The eagle nest at Nimi is somewhere South of the dam... At least that's what I was told by Div. of Wildlife...
  14. The First Parking Lot Pass The Camp Grounds On The Left Side Of The Road Heading South. They Are Definately Eagles. Spent Many Hours Watching Them Last Spring. They Should Be Back This Year About March. You'll See All The People There.
  15. Well, south of the dam would put you in swamp and woods! I think you were wrongly informed. I have been seeing bald eagles in the portage lakes area for about three years now maybe a little more. I spend alot of time at nimisila and have not spotted an eagle there. Then again I do not frequent the area that bassjerk is reffering to. I have always known of the Osprey nest sites and see many of them! Anyways its great news to hear that they're possibly going to be nesting on my favorite lake in the area this upcoming year!
  16. Not at the base of the dam on the South side... Somewhere in that direction, I think is what the DOW was implying...:D
  17. Lewzer

    Lewzer Powderfinger

    I think that would be the perfect place for them to build a nest. No humans walking around their nest in that swamp to bother them.
    They do not like humans.
  18. bassmastermjb

    bassmastermjb The Lucky One

    They are probably located closer to the swamp, lots of goodies to eat especially the turtles.Have a nest close to the house on Lake Pippin, must be 300 discarded turtle shells beneath it..........Mark
  19. I'll vouch for Big Daddy. There are definitely a pair of bald eagles at Nimisila. Besides having seen them, the Akron Beacon Journal ran a story some time this year.