north res.

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  1. went fishingyesterday, did pretty well . caught 25 real nice crappies.across from mandas bait shop. only took enough to eat. all were taken on minnies.
  2. How deep were you fishing if you don't mind me asking? And nice job on the crappies!

  3. smallieguy

    smallieguy Smallmouth Please

    That shore bite was on fire for sure. I couldn't get close enough in the
    boat to the trees with stepping on someones toes. Congrats.
  4. yes they were on fire. other guys were casting over me &mybuds there. we weregetting pretty p!@#$^ offabout it one was going to start cutting lines,if they did it we just LEFT...
  5. I was at North Reservroir today and got shunked. Couldn't get to the honey hole.