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    Fished North Reservoir (by the DNR office) Wednesday afternoon on my lunch break after I went to the grocery store. Just wanted to get the line wet and see how the ice was doing. Pretty glad I stopped by. In 20 minutes, I caught 15 sunfish. Some dinks, but some could have kept 6 or 7 for the fryer. I was surprised how heavy they were hitting right in the middle of the day! :D

    What's everyone's opinion on the warmer weather coming up? There was 7 inches out there, but there was some water on top of it. I peaked into the hole, and I'd say only 3-4 inches of the ice was clear- the rest was cloudy. I am kinda leery to fish anymore this week since there's not going to be a day below freezing until next Monday. But what do I know? :confused: What's everyone else thinking? HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Refer to Safe/Unsafe Ice thread below!!! Hope this helps.

  3. I saw you out there. Almost stopped by. I stopped in at Long Lake Tackle at lunch, but had to leave, work related. We got a bunch of little ones at North and Long last night.
    Fished Nimisila today for 15 minutes on a story, caught 7, 4 keepers! Was great. I'm going back Saturday, but going to keep close eye on the ice. Be careful.
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    I fished Mosquito today. There is maybe 5 inches of good ice at this time. I caught 9 Cigars, 4 Crappies and 1 Sunfish. All fish were released. I didn't see anyone get a keeper Walleye but I'm sure someone must have as there were many guys fishing. It looked like a Sunday out there instead of a week day. I probably won't go back again until all this warm weather and rain passes and it gets cold. All the fish I caught except for the Sunfish which I caught on a Vib-E, were caugt on jigging Rapalas tipped wth a minnow and a Castmaster Tipped with a minnow.
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    Saw the piece on PAX- good job! I was surprised it lead off the news cast, but it is important stuff for this area. Very informative as well. I usually never take along any sort of floatation device, but after seeing that, why shouldn't I? I'll have something to float on for now on.

    I guess we'll just have to wait and see as far as the ice goes. I hate the fact that there's a bunch of standing water on it. With the wind and supposed rain, it might make it unusable pretty fast. EVERYONE JUST BE SAFE!!!!!!
  6. Yeah, I'm getting nervous about this weekend too, especially if the rains come. I'm still going to go out and check the ice Saturday, probably the Portage Lakes area(Long, OSP, Nimisila) and see what's up. If it's no good, then I guess I'll have to take my $100 Gander gift card and go shopping.

    The weather folks are wrong all the time...Let's hope that trend continues this weekend!!!