North-Pike Island Pool?????

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  1. Looking to find out a little info on the Bass fishing in this part of the River? I may head that way come August if all goes well for a weekend of chasing them around. My only experience with the Ohio River is the Tanners Creek area and went out once of in Mayesville. Needless to say never to impressed. Thanks in advance!

    John T
  2. August can be a very tough bite on the river. That said p.m. me when you get close to coming up and I will give you as much info as possible. Where are on the Pike Island Pool are you planning to fish?

  3. there are alot more smallies in the upper section, some very nice ones as well. the river up at pike is also much smaller, stick to the main river and move fast, there are not alot of keepers in the river so you need to search for them.
  4. I do believe it is Rayland where I would go out of.
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    i'm guessing this would be for the state qualifier. look for gravel bars and any creeks and discharges. the smallies will push shad on these throughout the day. it's more of a right place, right time deal so you'll have to keep moving. the spotted bass are starting to grow up in the upper pools and could become a factor. lots of good rocky shorelines too. i would suggest you make a trip before hand to get a feel of it. not many big creeks so most of the better fishing will be main river.