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  1. Well I am making my trip to North Carolina for some late season deer hunting. I plan to leave the afternoon of the 20th and return home the 24th. There is no hunting on Sunday's down there, so my trip is limitted to 3 days. This will be my third trip there. The first year I was there, I saw 9 Does in 3 days and shot one of them.

    Last year was a disaster. It rained all 3 days and I came down with the flu. Let me tell you, it is miserable to hunt with the flu in the pouring rain, but I figured I didn't make an 8 hour trip for nothing. Anyways, last year I only saw 1 deer at 5:40 in the evening on the final night I was there. It was too dark to shoot, but at 200 yards I could tell it was a deer. Hope this season will present more opportunities.

    In two years, I am yet to see a buck down there. They guy I hunt off of bought the property 3 years ago and set up a mess of food plots (corn, wheat, clover). He has us on a strict antler restriction. If we shoot a buck, it has to have 8 points and outside the ears. He is trying to grow them big. Hopefully, this year I will see something like that, but I figure I will take a couple Does while I'm down there.

    I'll fill you guys in when I get back.
  2. Good luck, the big one are few and far between down here. Lived here my whole life, and hunted the mid-west. NC is no comparison to Ohio. Are you hunting with an outfitter or friend? What county?

  3. I will be hunting with a friend in Rockingham County. He owns 200 acres of woods and fields.
  4. I lived in NC for 11 years. The best deer I saw were in WVa and Ohio. Rockingham County is not exactly known for quality deer. And while I lived there, Sunday was an open hunting day.
    Good luck, and buy a magazine called Carolina Sportsman for some quality deer areas, like Person, Caswell Counties and the Roanoke River Basin.
  5. I know NC does not compare to the quality deer we have in Ohio. It is all about the opportunity to have an out of state hunting experience with some friends. Two years ago, I shot a mature Doe down there that was probably the size of a button buck here in Ohio.

    Thanks for the suggestion of the magazine, I will look into that. We were thinking about looking into some public hunting one day to see if we could have a shot at any type of buck. But, we also figured that the public lands have been all shot up since the gun season is so long. Who knows what we will do, we will make the decisions when we get there.
  6. Wish I would have known you were going that way I would have seen if you had an extra seat in exchange for splitting gas costs. Ive got a buddy down there that has been hounding me to come down and hunt since he moved there. Have fun