North Carolina...Here I Come!

Discussion in 'Out Of State Hunting' started by Fishstix, Dec 10, 2007.

  1. Well I am making my trip to North Carolina for some late season deer hunting. I plan to leave the afternoon of the 20th and return home the 24th. There is no hunting on Sunday's down there, so my trip is limitted to 3 days. This will be my third trip there. The first year I was there, I saw 9 Does in 3 days and shot one of them.

    Last year was a disaster. It rained all 3 days and I came down with the flu. Let me tell you, it is miserable to hunt with the flu in the pouring rain, but I figured I didn't make an 8 hour trip for nothing. Anyways, last year I only saw 1 deer at 5:40 in the evening on the final night I was there. It was too dark to shoot, but at 200 yards I could tell it was a deer. Hope this season will present more opportunities.

    I'll fill you guys in when I get back.