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North Baltimore/Veteran's Memorial

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Daduru, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. Man this forum is dying... Hit up North Baltimore and Fostoria/Veterans memorial. Only got some non keeper perch, and one 8 inch LM. But, while at n. baltimore, witnessed one of the coolest sites in nature. An osprey swooped down and grabbed probably about a 10 inch fish out of the water and landed about on top of a ultility pole and devoured it. Breathtaking. The clap it made when it hit the surface water was ridiculously loud.
  2. Pharley

    Pharley Hook 'Em

    The Osprey outfished you by 2"

  3. Hey Daduru, Veteran's Mem. reservoir is by far my favorite bass hole in NW Ohio. We've pulled out more than 50 decent bass this year including a 4lb7oz, 3lb11oz and multiple 2lb + fish. Tube jigs and spinner baits seem to be the hottest lures. Occasionally, a crawdad crankbait turns hot. We've caught fish on every bank at any time during the day. I've posted this pic. before but I'll post again for your viewing pleasure. This is a 6lb+ , 22in. bass caught last year in the spring. I'm convinced it's not the only one in there. Good luck!

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  4. That is a sweet bass. I have never had much luck at Veteran's Memorial. I have tried various plastics, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits, but I have never caught a bass over 12". I have caught a couple nice ones at #4, though. Out of curiosity, how do you rig the tubes...texas-style or on a tube jig head? I haven't used tubes much out there.

  5. Hey Trane, we rig our tubes with a lead-head. We started out using 1/4oz jig heads but they fall so fast it's hard to keep them out of the rocks. We switched to the 1/8oz jig heads and doubled our catch rate for a couple reasons. We weren't spending so much time re-rigging because of break-offs and the jig falls so much slower, it gives the bass a real good look at it. I bet we spent a whole year learning how to fish the heavy rip-rap simply because of the snag rate. We started buying tubes at Jann's Netcraft in bulk because we were loosing so many. Black with red flake and goby are the hot colors. It definately takes some patience but believe me, they are in there.

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    Very nice lookin Bass there