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Norris Lake Info

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by bigjohn513, Dec 22, 2004.

  1. anyone here do any fishing at norris? im heading down the first week of may and i'll be there for 5 days on a houseboat trip and its been a few years sence i have fished there

    p.s. we may have an open spot or two on the houseboat
  2. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    should be PRIME TIME striper/hybrid action. We fish Cherokee every spring/fall, and I'll be there the last week of April. Night bite is always good that time of year.

  3. Big John-

    I've fished that lake more than a few times. There are a couple of damns that you can find with a good map - if the water is moving, you will find fish fishing below them.

    A lot of guys go for the smallies on that lake, but I've done pretty good finding largemouth and spots. There isn't a lot of shallow water, but there are a couple of creeks that offer very good largemouth water in the spring on that lake. I got quite a few on white spinner baits (willow leaf blades). When I needed to slow down, I went with a watermelon Senko.

    I didn't pay to much attention to the stripers, but did see quite a few nice ones pulled out.
  4. i couldn't help boss ask me to find him a good deal on airline tickets so him and his wife could go visit some friends out west and it just happnes i found him the tickets the last week of the cheep season for houseboats
    one of the guys im prety sure is going will be glad to hear about the bass fishing and im hoping to get into some striper
  5. John, keep me away from those shallow bays and I'll be happy to help you get on the stripers. :D Is it warm there? I'll go now!
  6. yea i hear ya the time we went crappie fishing at alum
  7. Hey Big John just saw this post....did you do the lake powell resort/houseboat ? Which boat did you rent any comments on it ?
    Thanks !
  8. no I ended up going to the nascar race then camped at mountain lake marina on the way home and just rented a pontoon from them.
    I was looking at the 60' cant beat that price on the lake