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  1. I GOT A NORMARK, SET ME BACK 135, BEST SHARPEST KNIFE IVE USED. But it only gets used to remove lateral line and extra bones. Electric 99 % of the time for me :cool:
  2. Ðe§perado™

    Ðe§perado™ Catfisherman/Bowfisherman

    I have one and just love it. I don't use electric.

  3. Figures that you'd be lazy enough to use electric. You bum. You better start catching some fish or I am going to be disapointed in you. Anyone can catch fish at Erie, show me fish from around here. :D :D :D
  4. If anyone can catch a fish @ erie then why aint you fishn up there???? OH YEAH YOUR SCARED OF THE BIG LAKE. :cool: Ive got a fish ohio s-eye this year how bout you???????? Oh yeah to busy trying to catch fish out of that ranger, should of baught a LUND :eek: :cool: :cool:
  5. You know what they say, " If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch". Hey Trucked, Ran a bass boat for 7 years on erie. Say good bye to your spine and kidneys.
    Captain Crown, Sounds like we need to have a club tourney on the lake so we can show these land lubbers how to fish. May be have it out of dempsy so these local guys will feel more at home seeing land.
  6. I said it all

    Show me fish from around here. Most folks I know haven't really caught anything to speak of in the places we fish at here. Like I said,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    "Anyone can catch fish at the "big Lake".
  7. Ill upload it and email it to you crybaby. We have been thru this before, first you have to know how to catch s-eyes, then go when they are in there. If memory serves me correct you said it was to high that day. :eek: :eek: :cool:
  8. Trucked, I don't know what to tell you, You must be holding your rod wrong. Took the wife out on mothersday (at her request) Fished alum( is that close enough to central ohio for you?). SHE caught 4 saugeye, Biggest one was 24 " . several bass and numerous crappie. all on a white twister tail. Give up your fancy bass tackle and get back to the basics.
  9. I hope you marked it on the GPS or a Waypoint at least where you got those at Alum. I hate going there on the weekend with all the jerks there on their little skidoo's and then the Queen Elizabeths that don't even have enough room to get up on plane and then the 38' Cigarettes. I'm getting too old I guess because all that crap pisses me off.

    I just can't stand ignorance and incompetence

    To me both of those words just equal, STUPIDITY

    And NO, I won't take my boat up to the big lake just to find out that the water has gone to 2-4 footers and stand there and get beat to death. I can do that here honey buns.

    BTW, the pizza was good she said. rotflmao

    Gotta go to the house inspection at 8am catch me later. I'm gone :D

    Erie, My back wouldn't stand it too long that's for sure. I know, I know, Capt. Crown, I could go in the coves and inlets. I'm not towing the boat up there at 2 bucks a gallon and 10.9 mpg. :eek: :eek: :eek: cotfcmao (crying on the floor, crying my a** off)
  10. Sounds to me like you are full of excuses. And excuses are like a$$holes, EVERYONES GOT ONE
  11. From a post about a knife to a pissing match? Locked!
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