Normal mode-safe mode?

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  1. Had this happen to me and don't remember how I fixed it but know it wasn't that hard. Sure someone here can help. Wave's PC went down and the only thing that comes up is either start at last known good config. safe mode,start normally and something else. Tried all of them to no avail. Know what it's like not to be able to get on here so any help is welcome. Thanks Rex
  2. Tap the F8 key during startup to get the safe mode menu. Choices will probably include safe mode (try first if you can't boot normally), "safe mode with networking" (try when safe mode works to see if you can connect to the web), "last known good confiiguration" (when other choices fail), "safe mode with command prompt" (if you know your way around the computer using commands, starts a command prompt in place of windows explorer), and "normal startup".

    If the F8 method doesn't work, simply shut your computer down during startup. This should force the safe mode menu, since the prior startup doesn't complete and the OS assumes that something went wrong.

  3. Thanks I'll try that. Didn't try tapping key when starting,only after I had something on the screen. I'll let you know how that works.
  4. Well he said that didn't work. The only thing that comes up is the screen with safe mode,normal mode and such.No matter which you chose it keeps coming back to the same thing. I know mine and his both need an over haul. Anyone in the Dover/Philly area good at this?