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    Ok I'm new to boating and there is something I can't figure out yet. I have a merc 850 with a mercontrol console, my question is the reverse lock out for the pin in the motor that locks it so it doesn't move up when it goes into reverse is there a switch to release them to hook on the pin? I have searched up and down the motor for a switch to release the latches so they will hook over the pin and I cannot find one. So this leaves me to assume either A) I'm supposed to put the pin on in the water because if I do it on the trailer the motor touches ground or B) that I put the pin in and when the motor is put into reverse while running it releases the latches around the pin. It has to be a mechanical switch as there are no electronics around and the bar attached to the latches goes down into the bottom casing by the prop which leads me to believe it is the motor movement that lifts the switch. if anyone has a similar motor or system please inform me of how this works as I would much prefer to not have to dive off the back every time I'm unloading this thing.
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    there should be a release that can be operated from the boat . some where around the pivot point /motor mount. usually it is a pull type lath on a cable or direct i can do , never owned a merc!!!

  3. There is no release lever on the motor like there was on an ancient Johnson I used to own. The reverse locks are released when the motor is shifted into forward. If everything is working correctly you can place the shift lever into forward, even with the motor not running, and tilt the motor up. The locks will re-activate when the motor is in neutral or reverse. The motor locks in neutral in case you are ever unlucky enough to try to pull start the beast.

    The locking system is controlled in the lower unit by the shift cam on the shift rod. When the motor is shifted into N or R the cam turns activating a rod which pushes upward causing the locks to activate. In F the cam allows the rod to drop and springs on the locking hooks will release them.

    A few years ago the spring broke on one of my motors and 50 cents and a trip to the hardware store got it fixed. If the spring is not the culprit the shift cam may be in the wrong position or worn out. I believe the shift cams are around $40-$50 if they are still available.

    This is all a worthless information if the motor ever had factory tilt/trim. I believe with factory T/T they disable or even remove the reverse locks.

    Shift the motor into forward and try to tilt the motor. If the locks aren't releasing check for a missing/broken spring. If the spring is gone you should be able to pull the hooks up with a finger. If you can release the hooks with your finger the shift cam should be OK. If this doesn't work I can walk you through everything else.

    BTW, if you value the use of your finger, be mindful about where it is when you reach in to try to pull the hooks up. I'm picturing a 375 lb pair of scissors with Mercury on the handles.:eek: