Non Report ? Scioto north of Zoo?

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  1. Anyone so kind as to share an access point on the Scioto, north of the Zoo.

    I know about the small area designated for parking just south of the Mill River, any other areas wher I can park and access a little north of there?...send PM if you would like.

    Up to 10-15 miles north of the Zoo would be fine.

    No secret holes wanted, just where to park and acess some wadable waters to C&R some fish with my fly rod.
  2. There are quite a few places on the east bank north of the Zoo. I believe the access points stop just before Rt. 42.

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    there are some places to pull off and park 5+ miles north of 42 on the east side.
  4. I was up there a week ago maybe a mile north of the zoo, and at sunset a beaver swam by about 3 feet from shore. It was pretty cool. I didn't know they were up there.
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    Yep, take 257 up past the zoo, up to 42, then go straight across and you'll be on Klondike Road. As you go north you quickly get above lake level and the river is back to riffles and pools. There are several places where you can pull off and bank fish or wade.

    You can keep going north along the river; some of it is posted KEEP OUT but sometimes there's a place you can pull off. Get a good map!

    I learned those roads on a Schwinn. Back then the old bridge was still up at Bellepoint, and people would fish from that. I remember all the gear tangled in the overhead power lines.