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    hoping for some help here. few months ago i had a big buck coming every day in a patch set of wood along with other deer. last month some girls went back in the woods and were playing and scared the deer off. they have finally come back now that i have the kids not going in the woods but they only come at night i have corn set out for them and i have tried putting doe estrus out during the day to draw them in but nothing. dont know what i need to get those deer back during day light. its a nice buck and my only hunting land available to me.
  2. It really sucks to get that constant reminder on how mature bucks become mature bucks! If scared out of an area, they will run to an area that is more safe. When it comes to the estrus idea I am really not sold on it, I would bet that if a deer keeps smelling the same store bought off the shelf estrus they wiill put that scent and danger together and head the other way. I have had it work for young bucks but never a mature one...........and probably part of the reason why I have never got one!!! Maybe try a decoy?? Just my 2 cents!