NOAA, Who for the win?

Discussion in 'Tournament Discussion' started by TeAm_BoAtBoYs, Apr 13, 2005.

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    Well after being on Mosquito for the last two weekends in a row, its time to take a break, didn't get into the NOAA although i wanted to. I was just wandering who you guys think is going to take this one on saturday? It Should be a good day on the water with the fish moving up. Look for some good weights and I will be at the weigh-in, if you see me don't be a stranger.

    Joey Discerni
  2. Procraftboats21

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    Provonzacs with 12-13 pounds

  3. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

    Another one for the Provonazacs. 2nd place will be Hankins/Shriver

    Good Luck to everyone fishing this event, hope to make it to a few NOAA events this year.
  4. I'm going with the guys who hit 15lbs. 13 to make a check. Bucks are up and in, heavy- toads are just behind and soon buried. Weather holds and a tiny front kicks them on- it could get downright ugly!

    There's at least 20 teams online here who are entered- I'm hopn' they are going with themselves! How about Mikeshookset or TritonBill !!!!

    I wouldn't dare jinx my team, but I got Joe in the back with a little "Bass Spirit"! I'm fishn' to win, go for broke, cull bucks and rip toads. I like the Dixon/Pieffer team for second though! lol There are many many great anglers fishin the circut, it is truly a 1 in 60 shot.

    $6000 to first pending no bearing blowouts or deer accidents! Ramp pays accepted on a lottery draw just in case. PLUS $500 contingency bonus from Vic's Sports Center! Put it all together with a big bass and you are at nearly $7000! One day amatuer event with just 60 teams to compete!!!

    Also note~ and please pass along to others- our offlimits will be the same as 2004 which INCLUDES the entire rip rap breakwall (including the front side) of the Marina and the entire Marina bay.

  5. well nipp after just setting up a deal with triton on a new tr21dcx with a 250 verado i sure could use that $6000.00 first place money lol or even a pay check would be nice lol i dont know if the deal will be done soon enough to have that boat there but its a posibility. denny braur used it in the classic maybe some of his skill will rubb off lol the compition there sat will be very stiff so i aint predicting anything i am just gonna fish and let the chipps fall where they may. the bass gods will work it all out.
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    Well I will be practicing Friday if the females havent moved up and are off shore spot
    works we will give them a run for there money, if there not on the spot we will have to hope for a couple good bites likes everybody else.

    good skills not luck guys

  7. Mr.Bass.

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    I agree nip,

    with a $200 entry and a possible $7000 for the win and big bass and fishing out of a 2year old or newer boat from Vics is well worth the money spent for the entry!

    Godd luck!!
  8. Nip, your a funny man! It's going to be a slugfest.... We got a few days of practice in and my partner will be there Friday. I'm guessing around 15lbs for the win. I'm going to Jinx - Nipp, MikeHookset, and Provonozacs! :) I believe the teams mentioned will be up there but at the end of the day it's truly close to a 1 in 60 shot. Anyone can get that lucky fish or two put their limit at the top.
  9. Nip

    The only time you'll be touching any hawgs will be while you're weighing everyone's fish!


    Goodluck to everyone fishing. Wish I could be there to donate my $200.
  10. Mr.Bass.

    Mr.Bass. Banned

  11. I think Mikeshookset might have had a correction with that sled! Go Team Stratos!!!! lololol

  12. MAKtackle

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    Hmmm, If it's like last year, I can guess who'll win a few!!!
  13. MAK- I keep tryin to think those energies myself! But that is a scary thing!

    Gotta fish for the days memories, not past memories!!!

    I'm just tickled pink right now that the weather is going to hold like this past week. Prayers already answered!

  14. yep i stand corrected at the last minute stratos offered me a great deal on a great boat the triton was nice but it wont run with the stratos i was offered. them stratos guys sure work hard to sell boats this deal came down at 10 pm tonite with the straos rep and vics sports center on the phone to make it happen at 955 pm. now thats what i call service and vics is putting me in a boat till that new 201 dc pro xl with a mercury 250xs on it and fully loaded comes in. i am now also a member of team stratos. it will be nice to promote a boat that i beleave in and a dealer like vics that will work that hard to sell a boat.
  15. Reel Lady

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    Vic's is awesome :) Congrats on your new boat!