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No wild Steelhead???

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by rweis, Jul 30, 2007.

  1. I heard this weekend that the ODNR's official position is that there are no naturally spawned Steelies in the rivers in Ohio. One person felt that if they recognized any "wild" fish, they would have to protect them.

    What do you think? Are any wild fish there? If so, any ideas as to why ODNR will not say so?
  2. wader

    wader Fishing Fool

    I may be wrong, but the ODNR initially brought in Little Manistee strain steelhead and continue to stock them. There may be some limited reproduction, but not enough to maintain the fishery. If there were any wild steelies left in Lake Erie before the stocking, they were so few and far between that there was no real fishery to speak of.

  3. I know for sure there are wild fish.I catch smolts and fingerlings out of two tribs that have never been stocked.And have caught wild adults every year from theses tribs.Very heavly spotted rainbow looking fish.These fish have been around since the 80's and are London strain.My worry is one trib has seen alot of traffic the last few years and is very small.
    I have seen these wild fish on stringers and it bothers me.I would really like
    to see these tribs protected as no fish or atleast catch and release only.But the odnr doesnt have the man power now,let alone worry about a few small water ways.

  4. liquidsoap

    liquidsoap Pay-it-foward fisherman

    Awesome pic treefrog!
  5. even if the fish was produced from an ohio stream or any state on the great lakes it would not matter. It still would not be trully wild. Salmonoids are not native to the great lakes.

    For those who know what rivers do have spawning success please keep that under your hat. The few that do survive will NEVER have a chance to survive.

    our rivers do not typically stay cold long enough to naturally reproduce steelhead or salmon in our rivers. Hence why they are stocked year after year.

  6. Natural native,no.Wild fish,yes.They were not pumped out of a truck from a hatchery.They came from mother natures hatchery.Makes them wild to me.
    Many ditches and small tribs of larger rivers have enough canopy,that I could go there today and get at the most a temp 60-65.
    I am not saying it is a fishable number of "wild" fish.And that is why they are stocked ever year.But any natural reproduction is fantastic in my book.
    And for keeping it under my hat:When did I say anything about where these streams are located?There is only one person I have talked to about these tribs in the 15+ years since I came across them,and he isnt saying a word.
  7. stormfront

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    tree, i think you should have your own fishing show or magazine. you sure can back up what you say on the water.
  8. Thats funny Rap,alot of people tell me that.My dad has been trying to get me to be a guide for years.But I think it would take all the fun out of it.
  9. Matt, do you have a picture of an adult wild steelhead? I have heard the same thing you said from some credible sources, but I don't think I can tell the difference.
  10. Joel,let me look through some pics.I am sure I do on on old photos,but dont have a scanner.I just might have some on digis.I will get back to you.
  11. [​IMG] See how peppered it is with spots.Most steelhead dont have any spots past the lateral line.I caught this the day I caught the small one from the same creek.Most times they also have way deeper bodies.As I stated in an earlier post I believe just about every wild one I have caught is survivers of the London strain.These same streams that have repo steelhead also still get small runs of kings and Hos.Nothing great,I see a handful every year so they must be getting the job done.Everyone please dont message me and ask directions.

    Joel you and I will get together this year.
  12. Hmm, that's interesting. I went back and looked at some old pics and many didn't have spots. I never really noticed. But I have caught quite a few with spots. Would you think this one is wild?

  13. cheezemm2

    cheezemm2 Ohio State Alumni 05'

    Are you talking about the fish:D

    Seems to be you get pretty wild when you miss those big blowups out at Mogadore that no one hears or sees.

    If Joel says a fish was gigantic and no one is around to see it, is there a fish at all?

    Following this post closely because I'm committing to steelheading this year since someone got me hooked last year<----already bought a rod and tied some flies:(

    Very interesting things about the fishery....
  14. Nope,thats a manistee
  15. Back in the early 90's when i was very active in the OCBS and on the education committee, Kevin Kayle of the ODNR told me and a couple others exactly where the state had encountered natural reproduction, so this is not a new thing here, and the areas are by no means secret ( At that time ) Don't forget also that N.Y., P.A. and i believe Ontario also stock thousands of smolts each year as does Ohio, So all the trout you guys are catching are not all Ohio stocked Manistee's to begin with because of this. There is a tremendous amount of wandering that goes on. Look at the Ashtabula River, for example, Thousands of Steelies each season,yet no stocking....Growing up on the banks of Arcola creek in the 80's, we were catching steelhead before Ohio really even had it's London strain really up and going....And i will tell you, the steelheading back then was fabulous, as well as no-where-near the interest the program now commands.Ask anyone who has fished for these for over the past twenty years and you will here the same thing. Good luck guys.
  16. Boy you meen trout and salmon stray?!I am not trying to be a ball buster ,but thats not what we are talking about.
    And God bless PA. for all there fish that Bula gets.
    And I was there 20+ years ago casting at the mouth of Arcola throwing KO Wobblers from the horseshoe for Coho.
    And Arcola was stocked with a hundred thousand rainbow/steelhead a year in the 70's.I sure hope there was alot around for that little ditch.
  17. I never liked the horseshoe, always did better from the blocks east of the mouth,......I understand you are not talking about the wandering, But the wandering explains " SOME " of the varience in why you guys are seeing different shaped,as well as spotting variations on the fish! ....And yes There were Alot of Fish in the ditch, Give me a break- i wasn't even old enough to drive back then, and we walked to the creek after school and on weekends, I got wheels in 85 and Discovered Conneaut and the whole Steelhead world opened up to me then. JeeZ
  18. The blocks East of the mouth were hot sometimes,but any kind of chop on the lake would go over my waders.
  19. I came home wet more times than dry, amazing when your real young and eager what you'll put up with. But, good memories , Bye the way, I wasn't aware of those 70's stocking you mentioned, like i said, i was really just a kid then.
  20. Well they did a few more stockings in the 80's and in 1993 they loaded up all 3 creeks with all the left over Londons when they switched to Manistee.