No wake zones at CC

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  1. The no wake zones are fine to fish as long as these idiots on jet skis don't come through and get stupid. On 7-3 I was fishing in the cove by the 73 bridge when I heard a lot of cussing. Two young guys on jet skis were flying around the no wake zone. Two men in a pontoon confronted them about it.The young men didn't like it and started whipping around and spraying them with their wake. It would be nice if the game wardens were out there more often and put a stop to this crap.
  2. we were at east eork loading up when a jetski just unloaded from the trailer took off full blast from the ramp in the no wake zone i hate those things

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    With recent events in the news of people getting hurt and at worse killed on them I wish the wardens would pay closer attention to these crafts. I hate jet skis more than anything on the water. They do nothing but cause issues for boaters and fishermen all together. I don't see any good coming from those things. too Dangerous. If the game wardens would pay more attention and be more strict about the rules and regulations on the water it would make for a better lake to fish. Someone should bring up that issue also at the marina meeting coming up.

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  4. I'd be raising the Jolly Roger and opening fire!
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    I was in the back of the 1st big bay up from the dam last week and there were jet skis back there buzzing around. I had to idle 300 yds to get there and somehow they figure they are allowed to do what they want.
  6. If guns don't kill people, then jet skis dont annoy boaters. It's the dang idiots that sit on top of em. Sorry to hear they were doing that, I had the same thing happen to me at Salt Fork, sitting there laying out on the boat takin a few casts here and there, some wahoo goes flying up the no-wake zone... Jet Skis are fun, and no more dangerous than the rider who is on em, IMO.
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    oh it would of been over if someone did that when pendog and i were fishing it would of been the end of them. Either we would of hit them with a sinker or followed them back to the trailer.
  8. I’ve had this happen at CJ also, not just jet skis. Saw a guy in a bass boat stopped by the park ranger (I guess it was a park ranger?) for “speeding” in the no wake zone by the camp ground. Word had it he was given a costly ticket…..
  9. It's not the vessel, it's the idiot operating it. last year, I saw an older fishing boat by Wellman ramp go towards the dam from docks on plane. Earlier this year in a tourney at Brookville, a boat was disqualified for blowing deep into a large no wake zone. Like everbody else on here, I have seen these idiots in all sorts of watercraft. Mostly other than fishing boats. More patrols by DNR in the no wake zones might help.

  10. why isnt something done about these problems, or is it going to take someone killing someone else before something is done, with all the reports u hear nowadays of the disregard to boaters welfare when it comes to things like this and the disregard to no wake zones, if the people that are supposed to take care of it rnt doing there job, then citizen/boater action could be taken as in a citizens arrest.

    forgot to add: i totally agree with bigdogsteve a nice heavy weight would change there minds really quick LOL
  11. Good point, It isn't the jetskis but the morons who ride them. I'm sure they are a lot of fun but they are not above the laws of the water. water skiers are the same way. I don't know who many times I have wanted nothing more than to snag them with a rattle-trap (with both trebles!). there needs to be somthing done about these idiots.