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  1. Just wanted to share a funny story with all of you. My next door neighbor is obsessed with his lawn. He is retired , this summer he mowed his grass just about everyday, I offered to take him out fishing and he made the remark he had no time for fishing , I even wanted to take him out in my boat. Now he sits in his living room and watches the two maple trees, and when a half dozen leaves hit the ground he is out there with the blower. Two three times a day. NO TIME TO FISH If GOD created anything better than Fishing he kept it for himself. :D :F
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    I used to be like that. Then I realized that no matter how many times I mow, or rake, the grass keeps growing and the leaves keep falling. Taking a day off for fishing just saves me the hassle of wasting gas in the mower or daylight raking leaves!

  3. My step dad taught me to wait for the first really hot day, lower the blades as far as possible, then mow the hell out of it. The grass will turn brown and not grow very much so you have plenty of time to fish, golf, etc.
  4. I do something similar . . . when fall comes around I cut my grass as low as physically possible and the leaves don't stick as much to the lawn but blow to other peoples lawns! LOL! Been doing it for a few years now and it has made a real difference. I just hope for a few windy days every few weeks!
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    That's my trick too, it works every year!
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    I did that too and also let the kid buzz the 4 wheeler around all day on it. It's amazing how well those atv tires will keep the grass buzzed down.... :D
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    Have lots of kids and let them do the mowing and raking for you!! Only downfall...ya still gotta feed em'! I got 5.........I know!!
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    thats is funny, i dont have time to cut the grass because all my time is spent fishing. :p