No more catch and release

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Pigsticker, May 7, 2008.

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    That is ridiculous! God Bless America! ;)

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    I don't understand, either. I did notice the following, which helps to explain where this crazy talk may be coming from...

    "EFTTA lobbyist Jan Kappel has been in contact with Martin Peter, Vice President of the Swiss Angling Federation, to see whether a joint approach to the Swiss government could persuade them to amend the legislation - which forms part of a much wider animal welfare programme."

    Sounds a little "PETA-esque", doesn't it? :rolleyes:
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    I assume this would reduce the amount of recreational anglers. People who just like to fish on occasion may find a new hobby if they have to beat their catch to death. If you are of the opinion that fishing is cruel to fish, and want to deter people from doing it, why not make them carry the act out to its extreme?
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    That's a Swiss law NOT a US law! I wouldn't worry to much about it, unless your planning on going to Switzerland to fish! Me, If I go there it won't be to fish!!:D :rolleyes:
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    You know Rarevos, I think you've got it. Will either cut down on recreational anglers or gut the fish population in Switzerland.
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  8. Why do these countries do such much not to hurt a fish but do not care if they kill an unborn child?? I just do not get where a bluegill is more important than a human? I feel like I need to stand on my head to make sense od this crap!!!
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    You know I did hear that the Swedish Bikini Team is looking for someone to rub lotion on them!:cool: !%
  10. After completeing a class you are bound by law to kill your catch, yet you must use barbless hooks and can't use live bait.

    God forbid you guthook a fish that you LEGALLY MUST BASH IN THE HEAD WITH A BLUNT INSTRUMENT!!!!!

    I wonder if the class will include proper fish killing techniques?

    I though that U.S. politics could be goofy.

  11. anyway, the game warden says " you are in violation of the law and I am gonna hafta arrest you for releasing that fish you just caught. "
    ....and the fisherman said " what fish ? " :)
  12. ha i can't believe they said to hit it with a blunt object. thats hysterical
  13. A knife blade through the head between and just behind the eyes usually does the trick. To me that seems to work quicker and more humane than bashing them in the head and wondering if they are still alive or not.
  14. Kill it with a blunt object? I guess I'd be grabbing the first Swiss politician I saw and using that.....
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    ShorePup, back away from the line... Sheesh! :rolleyes: ;)

    We have to be tolerant of all God's creatures, some just demand more from us than others. :p

    Like that story Misfit posted about his son getting a ticket. :(

    That made me proud for a fellow OGF member to hear how Rick stood up for his son against a tyrannical cop. !% :mad:

    But the explanation for "BOOM" had me rolling. :D