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No Master Angler this year for me...

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by CoolWater, Dec 15, 2004.

  1. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Well it looks as though I won't be getting my Master Angler this year after a nice run from 2001-2002-2003. I got a nice FO Crappie this Spring and I did submit one of my big FO Drum but being 2 species short with just a few weeks left in the year- pretty safe to say it won't be happening. I may try to work the Steelies a few times and see if I cant nab a 28"...if i get lucky would likely hit a few of my secret big bull gil' spots and feel pretty confident I could get a 9".

    Anyone else out there go after the MA for fun?, and how'd you do this year?
  2. DaleM

    DaleM Original OGF Staff Member

    I submitted my 4 fish but so far I've only gotten two back. I did get my 2004 fish ohio pin last week. We'll see if they get the other two and send my master Angler pin.

  3. I submitted five and have one more. They sent me two FO Pins! Hope they didn't screw something up and will miss the MA requirement. I'll send in #6 tomorrow just to be safe. Who knows, I may get a third pin that I could sell to one cast catking. :p :D :D :D
  4. I sent in 4 , only 3 species. Maybe next year.
  5. had a FO crappie and that was it, I've never sent anything in over the years. do you just get a pin or???
  6. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    This sounds like fun to try for. I have never sent in anything...I think next year I will keep the sizes handy so I can send in any I may get! :)
  7. Yeah I know the feeling, no fish ohios for me this year let alone a master angler award. This has been a horrible year of fishing for me, I hope its not a sign of things to come.


    23 1/4" "FISH OHIO" HYB STRIPED BASS from the Ohio River, on 07/04/01

    31" "FISH OHIO" WALLEYE from the Ohio River, on 11/22/01


    9 1/4" "FISH OHIO" SUNFISH from a Farm Pond, on 05/03/02

    16 1/2" "FISH OHIO" WHITE BASS from Lake Milton, on 05/08/02

    28 3/4" "FISH OHIO" CHANNEL CATFISH from Walborn Reservoir, on 05/20/02

    30" "FISH OHIO" CARP from the Mahoning River, on 06/23/02

    14 1/2" "FISH OHIO" CRAPPIE from a Farm Pond, on 07/06/02

    26 3/4" "FISH OHIO" CHANNEL CATFISH from Berlin, on 09/17/02

    16 1/4" "FISH OHIO" Sauger from the Ohio River, on 11/17/02



    23 1/4" "FISH OHIO" HYB STRIPED BASS from the Ohio River, on 05/05/03

    28 1/2" "FISH OHIO" CHANNEL CATFISH from the Mahoning River, on 05/17/03

    27 1/4" "FISH OHIO" CHANNEL CATFISH from the Mahoning River, on 05/17/03

    9 1/2" "FISH OHIO" SUNFISH from a Farm Pond, on 06/07/03

    10" "FISH OHIO" ROCK BASS from Lake Erie, on 06/05/03

    22 1/4" "FISH OHIO" FRESHWATER DRUM from Lake Erie, on 07/24/03

    13 1/2" "FISH OHIO" CRAPPIE from the Ohio River, on 10/06/03


    -=2004=- NONE
  8. flathunter

    flathunter Mellons mentor

    I caught two fish ohio channel cats this year, and it took about 50 trips to catch those, bad bad year.
  9. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    Well it sounds like many of us have had a rough year... congrats to those that had success. I didn't fish nearly as much as I wanted or had fished the previous three years...sux! I had a decent spring crappie fishing and the only thing I would call great this year was the white bass run. I caught them by the cooler full and yes c & r most of them and gave quite a few away. (I'm such an honest angler too- caught a 15.5" White Bass- but couldnt stretch him to 16" for FO)

    Those that asked about Ohio's program... it should work like this but doesnt always:

    1. Catch anything over FO requirements, get a certificate, can do this for as many as you want
    2. You receive a pin for submitting any first FO fish (only one pin total)
    3. Submit 4 different species for FO and receive a special FO Master Angler pin and a full size MA certificate

    It's a fun program but it seems at some point something gets messed up- ive gotten multiple pins but no MA pin before, no certificate one year, things like that... but anyways it is fun and a great program
  10. shadowman

    shadowman Supreme Being

    me to, this is the 1st year in about 10 years that i havn,t got a M.A award ....but since my knee went south on me and i did very little fishing it was to be once i get my knees back togather and a little less back pain i,ll make up for it but i,m happy with all the past M.A,s i have........i even have a few from ohio which for me is a real bonus............... :cool:
  11. I got mine

    saugeye x 2
    and mister wiskers

    My first in a while, had em last year and forgot to send them in :eek: :mad:
  12. fishingredhawk

    fishingredhawk Ohio Hawg Hunter

    This is my second year in a row with 3 fish ohio. Can't seem to get that elusive #4. Maybe next year!
  13. rockbass

    rockbass Banned

    I think next year I will try for them for sure!

    Has anyone ever sent in for the award thing like this in In-fisherman Magazine?? I also thought about that one. I figure I will get one a list of the sizes/ requirements of each so I can keep them in my truck for easy anmd quick reference if I am lucky to get some nice fish next year!
  14. is there a web site for FO?
  15. CoolWater

    CoolWater Multi-Species Fanatic

    I do alot of the various programs, might as well get as much mileage out of each catch as you can... many C & R especially such as the NAFC's program.

    Theres not really a site about it- but the Fish Ohio Award program is in every years set of rules. And the ODNR web site also has printable apps:
  16. dont sweat it coolwater we'll add a nice flathead and nice channel cat next year and im sure you can grab the other 2 up there in erie
  17. captnroger

    captnroger OGF Webmaster

    Shoot, all my fishohios over the last 5 years added together wouldn't equal a master angler! I need to fish more...
  18. I only got two species. Did a decent amount of fishing but much of it was centered in my bass club up in michigan part of erie and st. clair. Woulda had a smallie, drum and pike if i caught them in ohio and not michigan. I got two carp in early march last year and one Lm that went 22'' (that fish alone was worth any master angler). I only hit crappie one day early spring and got jipped on two just a half inch under. Only tried perching one time and all we got were dinks and not even a decent sheephead. Didn't even make it out to La Sue ann for a guaranteed gill. I'm gonna have to take that senko off this next year and try to mix it up a little.
  19. EE


    after a handful of years of a couple of F.Ohio's per year, this year I've landed 5 species and am finally Master Angler (whoo hooo!).

    I was sitting on two F.O's until the first week of December, when I landed 3 more week of fishing for me in 20 years.

    10.8 lb, 31" Walleye
    18 lb, 35" Carp
    13" Perch (not sure of weight, only measured length)
    6.5 lb, 26" Saugeye
    7 lb, 28" Rainbow (Steelhead)

    My most enjoyable F.O. was the carp (neither the Walleye or the Saugeye put up much of a battle, although they were strong fish); the Steelhead was a close second.

    Back in the late Spring/early Summer when the 17 year locusts were out in heavy numbers, a buddy and I noticed carp sucking them off the surface of the water, so we collected a few, threw them on a hook and went top water fishing (I swear it was like tarpon fishing down in Florida!). Not once have we every targeted carp before.......we're usually too busy Saugeye fishing. It was amazing - when these carp realized they were hooked, they peeled so much line off our reels I was suprised our rigs weren't smoking. They were strong enough to tow the boat around for 10-15 minutes as well.

    The Steelhead took about 10 minutes to land, everytime I got it close it took off on 40 yard runs down stream to the bottom of the hole, was an amazing fight.

    The best part of every one of these fish Ohio's was watching them swim away afterwards, man I love fishing!
  20. traphunter

    traphunter Guest

    I just finished my Master Anglers today with a 13 1/4 inch crappie. :)