no hunting for us today...woody sick

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by woodysoutdoors, Nov 28, 2007.

  1. Well Husband did not get to go out to hunt today and can't go tomorrow. He is sick. Keep him in your prayers. This is a man who got sick 2 yrs ago and worked an entire week w/ a 103 temp. He has not gotten out of bed today and he could not eat. I got him some ice cream; he did eat that and drank some water. I did not want him to get dehydrated. anyway, he did call off work tonight. It bothers him to call off. He's not one to miss work.
  2. hope he feels better, nasty something been going around in Cincy are also.
    Good luck on the hunting.(if you can get out)

  3. well he's moving this morning..that's a good sign. Don't think he's ready to do much though. gave him 3 more ibuprofin. I keep making him drink water but he's not happy about it lol.
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    I didn't go either. My 2 1/2yr old is sick with a slight fever, and a real bad cough. Daycare will not take kids when they are like that. I can't blame them.

    Went out last night to a new spot. We did not see any deer. The corn is still up and you could hide a full brigade of men inside of there and not even know it. If I cannot get out tomorrow, I will be done for the first gun phase.
  5. sorry about your daughter. this 24 to 48 hr bug is going around. fever, caughs, etc. comes in diff forms. hits some diff than others. Hope she feels better soon. woody is still in bed. he got up for a sec but not long.

    I have errands to run and need him to get well to join me.

    if he gets well we might go tomorrow morgan county. sat muskingum county.